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CUSD recognizes long-term employees
Leslie Tate has been working for Ceres High School for 40 years. The 1977 CHS grad has filled the school’s office manager position for the past 25 years.

Ceres Unified School District had more than 100 employees reach milestones this year.

“We appreciate their devotion and loyalty to the district,” CUSD Assistant Superintendent Jay Simmonds said. “They’ve changed the lives of many children.”

Leslie Tate has been working for Ceres High School for 40 years. The 1977 CHS grad has filled the school’s office manager position for the past 25 years. 

“It’s been a great ride,” Tate said. “I really love working at Ceres High. I’ve never regretted being there for 40 years. We have great students and staff. We really try to foster an atmosphere where students and families come in and feel welcomed. We consistently get better.”

All three of Tate’s sons, including Chris (class of 2001), Justin (2005) and Ross (2007), also graduated from Ceres High.

“I worked 10 straight years when there were Tate boys there,” Tate said. “That was special.”

Nancy McKim of Virginia Parks Elementary Schiik has been working for Ceres Unified for 35 years.

Twelve employees who have been employed by CUSD for 30 years are: Barbara Alderete (Mae Hensley Jr. High), Polly Ammon (Central Valley High School), Ashour Bukko (CVHS), Cynthia Ferguson (Sam Vaughn Elementary), Nancy Fernandes (Don Pedro Elementary), Georgianna Hasten (CVHS), Michelle Maher (La Rosa Elementary), Lillian Parnoustsoukian (Personnel), Catherine Pietanza (Educational Services), Grant Tiwater (Sam Vaughn), Lorna Trinidade (Hidahl Elementary School) and Carmen Wells (La Rosa).

Employed for 25 years are: Christine Adamakis (Virginia Parks), Douglas Berbena (Sam Vaughn), JoDee Bonales (Sinclear Elementary School), Tony Tobra (Maintenance), Donna Conway (Adkison Elementary School), Bret Durossette (Ceres High School), Elaine Fetzer (Virginia Parks), Carol Goehring (Carrol Fowler), Devon James (Education Services), Brett Johnson (CHS), Paula Loeffler (CVHS), Edward Lubinsky (Blaker-Kinser Jr. High), Lori Mariani (La Rosa), Angelina Rafatti (La Rosa), Ruth Ramsey (La Rosa) and Robin Williams (Ceres High School).

Twenty-year CUSD employees recognized for their longevity are: Cheryl Combs (Personnel), Cristina Davidson (Don Pedro Elementary), Cosetta De Palma (Sinclear), Dan Driver (Technology), Kimli Goblirsch (CHS), Christine Grijalva (Educational Services), Jinder Kaur (Carrol Fowler), Mary Kelly (Don Pedro), Julie Ouse (Don Pedro), Kimberly Martin (Sam Vaughn), Tracy Marshall (Transportation), Toni Nevarez (CVHS), Maria Pray (Walter White Elementary), Heather Quintanar (Sam Vaughn), Dana Rubio (Westport Elementary School), Vasiliy Susid (Sinclear) and Renee Williams (Virginia Park).

Sondra Anastasio (CHS), Robyn Arnold (Caswell Elementary School), Gladis Barajas (La Rosa), Rena Betossib (Library Technician), Theda Burch (Don Pedro), Claudia Cabero (Adkison), Christina Camarillo (Sinclear), Kelli Conner (Beaver Elementary School), Rosalind DeCamera (Carrol Fowler), Cindy Ferrera (Westport), Kim Gibson (Technology), Emily Hart (Sinclear), Christine Hartwick (Blaker Kinser), Gloria Hernandez-Salgado (Hidahl), Kathy Hersey (Financial Services Business), Kristine Hunga (Caswell Elementary School), Adriana Jimenez (Westport), Toni Johnson (Educational Services), Cindy McLeod (CHS), Esther Merwin (La Rosa), Matisha Norenberg (Adkison), Dustin Pack (Student Support Services ), Amy Peterman (Educational Services), Vivian Piro (Cesar Chavez Junior High), Jessica Ramirez (Argus High School), Amy Ramos (Mae Hensley), Rebecca Sanders (CHS), Sonia Seabourn (CHS), Cherri Searl (Whitmore Charter School), Linda Slewo (CVHS), Jill Somner (Westport), Jennifer Valdez (Hanline), Santiago Vazquez (Cesar Chavez), Ageda Vega (Blaker Kinser), Monica Yialouris (Educational Services) and Manuel Zamamora (Maintenance) have been working for CUSD for 15 years.

Roxanna Barragan (Child Wefare & Attendance), Elizabeth Capdevielle (Special Education), Jessica Cardoso (CVHS), Elizabeth Clemins (Transportation), Carol Fannon (Cafeteria), Griselda Fischer (Whitmore Charter School), Elizabeth Flores (Cesar Chavez), Erica Guevara (CVHS), Jeremy Hamilton (Lucas Elementary School), Damon Hunn (Educational Services), Cheryll Knox (Don Pedro), Suzanne Lynch (CHS), Lori Mariano (Adkison Elementary), Enedelia Marquez (Adkison Elementary), Brenda McConnell (La Rosa), Lyzette Mendoza (Virginia Parks), Aneta Mikhael (Special Education), Tonya Neep (Carrol Fowler), Dawn Pebria (Financial Services Business), Jennifer Rathbun (Special Education), Carmen Rivas (Whitmore Charter School), Sofornia Schultz (Cesar Chavez), Rance Skavdahl (CVHS), Amy Stubblefield (Walter White), Jacob Sundy (La Rosa), Mayra Tiscareno Pimentel (Blaker Kinser), Tiran Walker Jr. (Hanline) and Pamela Wray (CHS) have been working for CUSD for 10 years.