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Facebook users offer opinion of the 2019 Ceres Street Faire
Street Faire crowd
Crowds on North Street during the 2019 Ceres Street Faire.

A number of people responded when the Courier asked its Facebook page users to share their impressions of the recent Ceres Street Faire with mostly positive responses, some negatives and some suggestions in the mix. 

Artie Villasenor said the May 4-5 event was his fourth time attending and that he finds the event “always fun” because Ceres is home. Lee Brandt said the event offered good times with perfect weather and lots of variety. Dave Carreon said the event offered “nice weather, great crowds” while Rini Wells said there was “lots to see and do.”

“The kiddos and I had a great time,” said Amber Maines. “The car show was awesome and the booths were very informative.”

Leticia Victoria Bryant said her children enjoyed the rides and ponies.

Valerie Saavedra had a “wonderful time,” which was enhanced when she won a prize basket in the CUSD Foundation raffle on Saturday.

Laura Diarte said that despite working the PMZ booth all weekend, she had a great time and “enjoyed every minute of it.”

Renee Zumstein Gaskill posted: “Always room for improvement but I love it every year for the Ceres Lions tri-tip sandwiches and the great Mexican food from the Central Valley Color Guard. I love the charity aspect of it. I really enjoyed the free fruit from Save Mart and the book tips from the Ceres Library.”

Veronica Phillips worked both days in the Ceres Junior Bulldogs food booths and said they were busier than last year. She added that the entertainment was great and the weather was amazing, but the “craft, toys, and merchandise booths were underwhelming.”

Phillips also opined that the event seemed like “the same old things and people and nothing new.”

Those sentiments resounded with Debra Jackson-Augsbury who said the Faire has “not changed much in 30 plus years; always can expect the same old thing.”

Jennifer Duncan’s take is that the Faire is “sure not what it used to be.” The former Chamber of Commerce official said: “All the vendors we had for many years are gone. I miss the old Street Faire; it needs new life.”

A number of comments touched on the need for more vendors next year. Keri Carrillo, Kelly Silvers, Jenny Green McDaniel and Sandrah Suzette Diel echoed that sentiment with Amy Lynn Shaw commenting there needs to be fewer carnival rides “like it used to be.” Jenny Green McDaniel said she “wasted a lot of time” trying to find a place to park and walk to the event only to realize vendors only occupied one street.

Jeanette Baker suggested drawing more vendors by reducing the cost of booths and slashing prices for booths on side streets and areas farther from Whitmore Park.

“The more vendors there are, the longer people will stay out there,” wrote Baker.

Kerrie Fish and Chris Kraft both felt the Street Faire was a smaller event than years past.

“Everything was fun, yummy and cool weather was a plus,” said Sara Ivey. “Both days seemed busy. Only bummer was no parade.” Others like Elizabeth Thomas and Travis Tschantz also said they missed the parade.

Kym Pitts Truglio termed the Street Faire “boring” and suggested that the committee members to learn from attending other town festivals. Debby Borrelli said she didn’t like it and won’t return.

A few like Jody Overcash said that the first weekend in May seems crammed with other competing events, including Cinco de Mayo on Sunday. “A different weekend would be great,” commented Ruthie Martinez. “(The) first weekend in May is too busy.” Tom Browning made a similar comment, saying it’s “always the wrong weekend for me.”

Katherine Soria said she would like the event to stay open later in the evening.

Juan Rodriguez said tongue in cheek that “looking for parking was fun” and expressed disappointment in my finding bacon cheeseburgers or corn dogs.

Stella Martinez Reyes said that after going to the Lodi Street Fair and talking to vendors in both locations she believed Ceres would have a better turnout if less was charged for booths.

“Every year it’s the same stuff over and over,” said Keri Carrillo. “You can eat and see everything within an hour.”

Many readers commented on the food sold at the Street Faire. Dee Sanderson called for a “few healthy food options.”

Barbara Johnston-Lutes said she attended both days and was disappointed to see the Lockeford booth was only there on Saturday. Street Faire Committee chair Kim Johnson responded that the committee would love to have Lockeford for both days, but said “unfortunately they have a long term commitment on first Sundays of May so we appreciate that they take the time to make it to ours on Saturday.” Patricia Braun Maciel was one of those who enjoyed the Lockeford sausages on Saturday, citing it as the only reason she goes.

Rubi Clari said prices of the food seemed higher and refused to lay down $10 for funnel cakes. But other readers suggested $10 is what is charged for funnel cakes at other festivals charge, and besides, the money goes to the non-profit organization selling the items.

Ivy Laffoon enjoyed the Street Faire but was unable to find ice cream other than pre-made bars.

Bret Silveira  said the Ceres High School Booster Club had a successful booth selling Linguiça sandwiches. That comment prompted Sara Ivey to say the Linguiça was “delish” and she had to get another one to take home and eat later.”

Shelli Nunes said she had a nice time but didn’t her her tri-tip sandwich this year.

Sandrah Suzette Diel thought the event was “busier than normal” and enjoyed the larger car show and “running into people and catching up.”

Martha L. Griffith enjoyed the California Outlaws Band’s performance on stage on Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., saying “They rocked the crowd and everyone had a great time.”

In the suggestion department Robert Quinonez wants to see a dance area where people can dance and a DJ. Sherrie LoForti liked the event but said the committee needs to “think about changing music at the car show end.”