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Fair offering a chance to get ‘fix’ of fair foods
• Sit Tight, Fair Bites Drive-Thru offered June 26- through July 19
Fair food bites
Locals can still indulge in a Stanislaus County Fair food favorite, corn dogs, through a drive-thru event being held weekends June 26 through July 19.

The fair may be canceled this summer, but the community will still be able to get their fill of corn dogs and more from the comfort of their cars.

The Stanislaus County Fair is launching the Sit Tight, Fair Bites Drive-Thru next weekend, giving locals the chance to grab fair food favorites despite the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the annual event. So far, attendees will be able to order a famous fair burger or Warrior Fries from the Veterans of Foreign Wars 5059 Auxiliary booth or one of Yonan’s fresh-dipped corn dogs with a side of curly fries — two fair food staples that otherwise would have been sorely missed this year, fair spokesperson Adrenna Alkhas said.

“Our community is so fair-driven during the summer time that we wanted to give that feeling back to the community somehow,” she said.

Customers can purchase food by driving up to the fair’s main Arch Gate on North Broadway, where their order will be taken as they sit in their car. Then, they’ll park inside the fairgrounds and wait for an employee to deliver the food to their car. Alkhas said people have inquired about the possibility of to-go orders from fair food vendors for years, so it’s been exciting to finally implement the service despite the circumstances.

All public health and safety guidelines will be followed by employees, like masks, gloves and frequent sanitization. 

The drive-thru not only allows community members to get their fair food fix, but also gives organizations like the VFW the chance to still raise funds even though the fair has been canceled. 

“The food is a huge component of the fair because it’s not just something that people love, this is how some of our nonprofits make a majority of their funding,” Alkhas said. “With the fair being postponed, it has been hard for some of these folks. The ripple effect has been tremendous for the community, from our livestock kids to our food vendors and carnival employees, but mostly our nonprofits.”

The Sit Tight, Fair Bites Drive-Thru will take place 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning June 26 through July 19. There are currently two vendors but more could be added according to Alkhas. To stay up-to-date on the drive-thru’s food options visit 

“I really hope the community comes out and supports at least these two vendors we have right now. They can get a sense of the fair if they can get fair food fix, so this is for those weekends where anyone is missing having that corn dog and passing through the arch gate,” Alkhas said.