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Fifteen in Ceres cited for illegal fireworks
aerial fireworks 2022
Aerial fireworks like this one exploding in the sky are pretty to look at but are illegal for a variety of reasons, including being a fire hazard.

A total of 15 citations carrying a hefty fine of $2,500 apiece were issued by Ceres Police over the weekend for illegal fireworks.

Eleven of the citations were issued Monday evening during the Fourth of July celebration, according to Ceres Police Sgt. Keith Griebel. The number of citations fell far before the 39 issued in 2020 and 34 in 2021.

Ceres Police had four extra officers on duty Friday through Monday along with extra personnel monitoring the Nail’em app – which received 27 reports of illegal fireworks – and the city’s special hotline (538-LOUD), which received 195 calls from July 1-4.

“In the years past we had several fireworks calls and citations prior to the Fourth, and even a few days after,” said Griebel. “This weekend we had very few fireworks complaints/calls or issues leading up to the Fourth.”

On Monday residents of Ceres experienced an incessant barrage of loud explosions and illegal aerial displays with many reporting their pets were disturbed. At least one Ceres residents shared on social media a video of a young man ringing her doorbell and running as a firework was shot onto her front porch.

Stacia Huggins reported “constant bombs and bottle rockets” being fired in the Morrow Village area of Ceres, adding: “Many have to go to work tomorrow, many are vets. So disrespectful.”

 “This is so much worse than any other year,” said Ceres resident Lisa Edwards in a social media post. She reported that a family member were outdoors when a device exploded above them, with hot sparks striking his head and arms.

Reports of a working residential structure fire at 2833 Standford Avenue turned out to be only a trash fire, according to Deputy Chief Darren Jesberg of Modesto Fire Department.

This Fourth of July was the first since the city of Ceres turned over fire services to the city of Modesto Fire Department.

“There were fires all in the area, like fence fires and small vegetation fires,” said Jesberg. “Our crews were extremely busy going from fire to fire and very all likely related to illegal fireworks.”