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Fireworks sold by non-profits
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Ceres police and fire officials are advising the public to refrain from using the illegal variety of fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July and go for the "safe and sane" variety now being sold by area non-profit organizations.

It's illegal to possess or discharge anything that flies into the air - such as bottle rockets - or explodes, such as firecrackers.

It is a long-standing tradition in Ceres of allowing only non-profit organizations to see safe and sane fireworks for Fourth of July celebrations. This year is no exception, with the city granting permission to 19 groups, including churches, youth sports groups and service clubs.

The 14 booths operating within the city of Ceres and their locations are as follows:

• Howard Training Center, 2075 Hatch Road;

• CVHS Band and Guard, 1830 Mitchell Road;

• Ceres Livestock Boosters, 2900 Morgan Road;

• Dolphin Swim Team, 1650 E. Hatch Road;

• CVHS Athletic Sports Boosters, 1657 E. Hatch Road;

• Ceres Pathfinders, 1578 E. Whitmore Ave.;

• Ceres Cowboys, 1670 Mitchell Road.