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Former Ceres School Board trustee Ben Harden dies
Ben Harden
Former Ceres Unified School District Board Trustee Ben Harden died Wednesday, May 13.

Ben Harden, a former trustee of the Ceres Unified School District Board, has passed away.

Harden, who had been appointed on April 29, 1998 to fill the unexpired term of Trustee Steve Day after he resigned in a financial scandal, died on Wednesday. Harden was elected to a four-year term in November 1999 and in November 2003. He resigned in 2007.

Mr. Harden was forced to spend the last 15 years in a wheelchair following a debilitating stroke.

Harden was well known as a community servant who coached Little League for three decades and served as president of Ceres Youth Baseball. He also served on the Ceres Budget Committee and Parks of Recreation Commission which were later disbanded.

He helped out with improvements at Ceres High School, Walter White and Sam Vaughn elementary schools and at George Costa Field at Smyrna Park.

Before he retired Harden had served as director of CUSD’s Buildings and Grounds Department.