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Garcia, Rangel represent schools on CUSD board
Delia Rangel Eduardo Garcia
Central Valley’s Delia Rangel (left) and Ceres High’s Eduardo Garcia (right) receive an introduction to the responsibilities of serving as a student representative to the Ceres School Board from Ceres Unified School District Supt. Denise Wickham. - photo by Photo courtesy of Ceres Unified School District

Ceres High’s Eduardo Garcia and Central Valley’s Delia Rangel added to their already-busy schedules by volunteering to fill student representative seats on the Ceres School Board during the 2022-23 academic year.

Garcia and Rangel will serve as a liaison between the board and their respective classmates.

“The main reason I decided to become a student rep is I have great connections with people from our campus,” said Garcia. “I’ll enjoy representing them. I’m hoping to get more input from them and sharing it with our district.”

“I saw what our last board rep did and it really intrigued me,” commented Rangel. “I’m really looking forward to attending meetings and being a voice for the campus.”

Student representatives may provide input on issues but do not have a vote. That is the responsibility of elected trustees which are presently Valli Wigt, Lourdes Perez, Faye Lane, Hugo Molina, Mike Welsh, Brian de la Porte and Betty Davis. Welsh (Trustee Area 2) is retiring and will be replaced by Cynthia Ruiz. Betty Davis is retiring from the Trustee Area 6 seat and will be replaced by David McConnell.

Rangel is currently taking three Advanced Placement classes at Central Valley. She was enrolled in three AP courses as a junior and one as a sophomore. A member of color guard since the ninth grade, Rangel was named team captain for the second year in a row.

A second-year leadership student, Rangel also belongs to the National Honors Society (NHS) and California Scholarship Federation (CSF) organizations.

“It’s pretty hectic with AP classes, color guard and leadership,” said Rangel, who has a cumulative grade-point average of 4.2. “But I’m used to having a busy schedule. It’s manageable.”

Rangel has been a member of the Girl Scouts for 12 years.

“Through that, I’ve done a bunch of community outreach,” she said.

Garcia will have earned 25 college credits by the time he graduates from high school. He’s currently enrolled in five dual-enrollment classes at Modesto Junior College. He completed three dual-enrollment courses his junior year. His academic schedule has also included five AP courses.

A student-athlete at Ceres High, Garcia joined the Bulldogs’ track and field team in the ninth grade. Garcia started running for the school cross country team as a junior. He was named co-captain this year.

He’s been a member of the Manufacturing and Production in Green Technology Academy since freshman year; and served as president of the Environmental Science Club and treasurer of the Math Club since junior year. He joined both clubs as a sophomore.

A member of student government, Garcia also belongs to the campus chapter of California Scholarship Federation (CSF.)

“I live a busy life because I do a lot of stuff,” admits Garcia, who has earned a cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.1. “I always try hard no matter what.”

Garcia is a member of Modesto Junior College’s Trio Upward Bound Program, which is designed to help students improve their grades, graduate from high school and go to college. The program serves low-income and potential first-generation college students.

Garcia is being raised by a single mother and said “she’s been a very positive role model. She emphasizes the importance of education a lot.”

Rangel will be the second person from her family to attend a university.

“My mom attended UC Berkeley as a first-generation college student. She motivated me a lot and stressed how important education is.”

Rangel plans to major in communications and considers New York University is “dream school” while also considering the University of Southern California or UC Santa Barbara.

Garcia plans to major in Environmental Science with a preference for U.C. San Diego, UCLA or UC Santa Barbara.

Delia Rangel student rep
Central Valley High School student Delia Rangel is now a student representative to the Ceres School Board. - photo by Photo courtesy of Ceres Unified School District
Eduardo Garcia rep
Eduardo Garcia from Ceres High School is a 2022-23 student representative to the Ceres School Board.