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Gifted lotto ticket worth $1 million for Ceres teen
• Grandmother bought ticket for his 18th birthday
Lotto ticket s
The winning $10 Lotto ticket that made a Ceres 18-year-old a millionaire. It was purchased at a store in Turlock. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

It’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect gift for someone, but one local grandmother hit the jackpot with hers – literally. 

Kaleb Heng of Ceres was gifted a lotto ticket named “The Perfect Gift” by his grandmother for his 18th birthday. She had purchased the ticket at the Oasis Market-Chevron gas station store at 11012 Lander Avenue in Turlock.

On his way to a fishing trip alongside his mother, he decided to give the ticket a scratch. It turns out the family would never make a single cast with their fishing poles that day, as the ticket quickly revealed that Heng had won $1 million.

“My mom was driving me to go fishing, and on the way, I scratched it,” said Heng. “We had to pull over. It was a million dollars, and I didn’t even have an ID yet. We turned around and went home because I had to get an ID before I could even claim the ticket.”

The Perfect Gift is a $10 ticket and there are 12 different cash prizes available, with five different ways to cash. The easiest way to win a cash prize is to scratch a number that has a “bell” symbol next to it, which means you automatically win the amount shown, and that’s exactly what happened with Heng’s ticket. According to the California Lottery, odds to hit the $1 million jackpot are one in 1,236,000.

“I’m pretty stoked! I certainly wasn’t expecting it.”

Heng told the California Lottery he plans on using the money for his college education and to further invest in his future.