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Gunshot wounds prove fatal for Ceres teen
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One of the two teenagers shot on Jan. 11 at Strawberry Fields Park in west Ceres has died of his injuries.

Miguel Pena, 18, of Ceres, died on Friday at a local hospital after hanging on for four days.

The other victim appears to be recovering.

Meanwhile Ceres Police investigators are scurrying for following up on several leads. They are urging anyone living in the area surrounding Strawberry Fields Park who have video systems (Ring, Arlo etc.) to contact Detective Jon Vera at 538-5730.

Police said that two victims and a driver were sitting inside a vehicle parked near Strawberry Fields Park before 8:53 p.m. They saw a second vehicle being driven erratically before it pulled up next to the victim’s car and someone began firing. The vehicle containing the gunman pulled forward approximately 60 feet, stopped and the occupants fired another volley of rounds at the victims. Pena, who was seated in the back seat, was hit numerous times. The front seat passenger who is 19 years old was shot in the elbow.

With his two occupants hit, the driver sped off to the 1400 block of Don Pedro Road, where Pena was dropped off in the hope that he would seek out medical attention. Officers were dispatched to the scene where they found Pena suffering from several gunshot wounds in the upper and lower part of his body. They rendered medical aid until paramedics arrived.

The 19-year-old was driven to Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock.

Police found shell casings and other forensic evidence at the scene of the shooting.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Detective Matt Berlier or by calling the Crime Stoppers Tip Line: 1-866-60-CRIME (27463) or 521-4636.