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Heat wave causes Ceres man's death
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The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Coroner's Division has announced the county has experienced its first heat-related fatality of 2013.

Ceres firefighters responded to a modular home behind a home on Tamarack Avenue in an unincorporated pocket of Ceres Tuesday evening and found a 77-year-old male, unresponsive and down on the floor. CPR was started and he was transported to a Modesto hospital where he was declared deceased a short time later.

The victim's air conditioner inside the single-wide mobilehome unit was working, but it was not cooling properly and was blowing out hot air at over 100 degrees.

The result of the Coroner's autopsy has determined that the cause of death is most likely attributed to the heat and other medical conditions.

Dr. John Walker, Stanislaus County Health Officer said, "This unfortunate loss is a tragic reminder of how dangerous the Valley heat can be. It is essential that our County residents protect themselves and their neighbors from this period of extended heat and humidity."

The Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services and the Public Health Department want to emphasize the importance of checking on your neighbors - particularly the elderly, sick and shut-ins. "We are a caring community," said Dr. Walker. "It is our community's culture to reach out, especially to our seniors and those living alone. Being a good neighbor can help save a life."