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Help sought in planting trees
Maples to be planted this Saturday
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Ceres residents are invited to volunteer to assisting West Coast Arborists to plant 150 red maple trees on Saturday, Oct 22.

The group will meet at 9 a.m. in Smyrna Park. It is hoped that 100 volunteers show up for the effort organized by the Ceres Garden Club.

The trees are being made available as part of the California Initiative to Reduce Carbon and Limit Emissions (CIRCLE) program through a grant from CalFire. The planting will be done by the California Urban Forests Council (CaUFC) and West Coast Arborists.

The grant from CalFire originally offered 150 free red maple trees to residents living between Hatch Road to the north and Whitmore Avenue to the south, Mitchell Road to the east and Central Avenue to the west.

Ceres Garden Club President Berni Hendrix said trees represent the beauty of life. We hope folks will come out and help us plant on October 22. Those volunteers that are able will plant the trees with a trained arborist, it's a great event for Ceres."

Those interested in signing up to receive a tree or volunteering to help plant trees is urged to contact Helen Condit at 622-8035.