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Japdeep Kaur honored at Rotary Club meeting
Japdeep Kaur
Whitmore Charter School of Arts and Technology eighth-grader Japdeep Kaur (holding plaque) was honored Friday by the Ceres Rotary Club and school officials. Left to right are: Club President Paul Rutishauser (who is also CUSD’s Director of Secondary Education), father Amrik Singh, sister Ramandeep Kaur, Japdeep, teacher Autumn Sherwood, and Principal Steve Merchant.

The Rotary Club of Ceres recognized Whitmore Charter School of Arts and Technology eighth-grader Japdeep Kaur as its “Student of the Month.”

Japdeep was selected for honors because she demonstrates leadership and positivity, is well-liked and always has a smiling face and positive attitude. She approached Principal Steve Merchant about hosting an eighth-grade superlatives awards ceremony with her classmates. Her proposal included the desire to recognize students for “Best smile,” “Most Likely to Get into the NFL,” “Most Likely to be a Youtuber” and more.

She is learning valuable leadership and administrative skills by coordinating committees for the event schedule, voting process, certificate printing, award presentations, and more. Japdeep is organized and determined to make this event happen for her peers.

Japdeep serves on Student Council, assisting in the planning of school dances, including set up and tear down. Her sense of duty was so strong that she even helped out the Student Council when was serving as a student council representative.

Off campus, Japdeep helps her family run their grocery store. She remembers being a young child and barely seeing over the cash register to help a customer.

Alongside her family, Japdeep provides food boxes to a local temple to help those in need, including delivering the food when needed and working in the temple kitchen for community events.