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La Casa del Clamato welcomed to Ceres west side
Owners stress family crowd feel at eatery
Ceres Chamber and city officials gathered Thursday to help owner/manager Joel Lomeli celebrate the opening of La Casa del Clamato located at 1578 E. Whitmore Avenue, Ceres. - photo by JEFF BENZIGER/Courier photo

Ceres Chamber of Commerce and city officials gathered Thursday evening for a ribbon-cutting ceremony welcoming Ceres' newest westside eatery - La Casa del Clamato located at 1578 E. Whitmore Avenue.

The business opened April 28, 2016, and has attracted a steady clientele by serving a blend of salads, sandwiches, smoothies, frappes, and clamatos, a V-8 type tomato drink.

"You could describe it as a café sandwich shop but we throw in the word ‘munchie' a lot here and there," said Nalleli Arteaga, daughter of owner/manager Joel Lomeli who opened the Ceres store after closing two successful eateries in Modesto. She is one of many close family members who works at La Casa del Clamato.

The business serves papas horneadas (baked potatoes) served plain with butter or with sour cream and chives, or bacon and cheese or broccoli and cheese. Salads include garden, chef, Caesar, buffet or tuna salad. The business also offers a variety of sandwiches and hot dogs as well as a juice bar, fruit cups, ice cream, smoothies and teas.

A clamato is a Mexican style tomato drink that can be mixed with shrimp, clams, cucumber and celery, she explained.

The owner strives for his business to be "more of a family crowd," said Arteaga.

"I'd say it's more of a lunch place but we open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m."

A lot of families come for ice cream after dinner.

La Casa del Clamato may be reached at 566-8611.