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Local musicians play from Ceres driveway
Jazz Band Waynesboro
Members of the New Horizons Jazz Band, including Ron Leachman on bass, Ron Quintanal on the keyboard and Karen Bucio using claves, performed Friday afternoon socially distanced for an outdoor concert in the driveway of a home in the 3400 Waynesboro Drive. - photo by Jeff Benziger

If you were in a northeast Ceres neighborhood Friday afternoon and heard the sound of live jazz music, it wasn’t your imagination.

Five local musicians who have formed the New Horizons Jazz Band staked out spots in the driveway of a home in the 3400 Waynesboro Drive and played for about 45 minutes for the enjoyment of those who turned out. The community was invited to come for the special front-yard jazz music performance but only about five persons attended. Most listened from lawn chairs stationed across the street in the park while members like Karen Bucio and Ron Quintanal played jazz selections. 

Bucio said the COVID restrictions disrupted the seniors for a while but they went ahead and met anyway.

“We always spread out very carefully and we all got vaccinated and we still spread out very carefully,” said Bucio, who owns Gottschalk Music Center and widow of the late Ceres musician Ernie Bucio.

The group played seven selections, “Black Orpheus,” Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man,” “My Funny Valentine,” “I Can’t Give You Anything, “My Favorite Thing,” “Paper Doll,” and “Thanks for the Memory.”

Donna Tomlinson and Susan Kennelly
Donna Tomlinson and Susan Kennelly played flutes on Friday. Out of view was Joan Peck who was busy playing the clarinet. - photo by Jeff Benziger