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Mayor wants portraits of council hung in center’s corridor
Ceres Community Center correct color
The Ceres Community Center. - photo by Jeff Benziger

Mayor Javier Lopez wants the Ceres City Council to take up an idea he has to hang photos of the current council and himself in the public corridor of the Ceres Community Center as well as rotate a display of past council members.

The portraits of the mayor and council are presently on display on the wall on the entrance to the Ceres City Council chambers.

Lopez brought for the idea at the Monday, April 10 council meeting under council referrals. While Councilwoman Rosalinda Vierra said it was a “great idea,” Vice Mayor Bret Silveira said he would only support the idea if it required little cost and staff time.

Councilman Jim Casey expressed concern over costs as well before questioning the definition of mayor, inaccurately stating that Lopez is Ceres’ third or fourth elected mayor. That is not the case as Ceres has elected its mayors for decades.

Lopez answered that he was considering all past mayors.