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Murder-suicide linked to husband's mental condition?
Murder victims
Ceres murder victims Gurman Singh, 12, and his mother, Manpreet Kaur, 34. They were killed by her husband.

Approximately $2,931 has been donated to a GoFundMe account which its United Kingdom organizer said she is raised to raise awareness of mental illness following the murders of a 34-year-old mother and her 12-year-old son in Ceres and the suicide of the male shooter.

The murder-suicide took place at approximately 2:13 a.m. early Monday, June 15 at the Windmere Apartments in the 2700 block of Roeding Road. 

The Ceres Police investigation revealed that Jang Singh, 55, of Ceres, shot and killed his wife, Manpreet Kaur, 34, of Ceres, and her son, Gurman Singh, 12, of Ceres, as they slept in the living room before turning the gun on himself in a bedroom.

Kaur, who married Singh four years ago, and her son moved from India to live with Singh approximately four months ago.

The shootings occurred in view of a surveillance video system installed inside the apartment some time ago. That video showed that Jang Singh entered the living room and without provocation shot both Manpreet and Gurman as they slept. The mom and son were sleeping in the living room because Jang’s 80-year-old mother was spending the night in a bedroom. Jang Singh then walked into his bedroom and shot himself. Awakened by the horror of what happened, his mother sought help from neighbors who called 911.

At least one woman interviewed by a TV station who knew Manpreet Kaur said she felt like a prisoner around her husband.

Bal Dulay of the United Kingdom said she’s seeking donations to raise awareness on domestic violence and noted that all the funds will be donated to the Sikh Awareness Society. She included several photos of the victims and gave information. Its unknown if Dulay is a relative of the dead mother and son.

“The reason I have created this GoFundMe page is to raise as much money as possible to help other vulnerable women and children who unfortunately find themselves living in a real life nightmare of being subject to domestic abuse,” wrote Dulay.

“Manpreet and Gurman had their entire lives ahead of them; to have that taken away so mercilessly is unforgivable and heartbreaking. I do not want their lives to have meant nothing, there is a bigger picture here to consider: Domestic abuse. Gun laws in USA.

“Jang Singh, who turned the gun onto himself after murdering his family, was known to the authorities as a sufferer of bi-polar, an illness which can cause your mood to swing from an extreme high to an extreme low. The point here is should a bi-polar sufferer be allowed to own a gun whilst others reside in his home, especially a child? I don’t have the answer to this question, but I have no doubt, Jang Singh should absolutely not have been allowed to own a firearm, something has to change!”

Ceres Police Department detectives are conducting a thorough and comprehensive investigation. Anyone with information about the homicides is asked to contact Detective Matthew Berlier at 538-5616.