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Officer in fatal shooting released from CPD duty
Thomas Miller
Ceres Police Officer Thomas Miller, seen in this 2014 swearing-in photo, was released from duty Friday. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Thomas Miller, the off-duty Ceres Police officer who fatally shot and killed a man in Modesto's Beyer Park on March 29, was terminated from employment on Friday.

The exact reason that Miller was released from probation was not revealed but Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry said Miller "didn't meet department standards." It's believed, however, that Miller was fired as fallout for circumstances surrounding the Modesto shooting.

Miller was armed in the park at 10:21 p.m. as he was visiting a married woman identified as Rosio Moland. They were approached by her husband, Jason Moland, 29, who is believed to have confronted the pair about an alleged affair. At some point, police said, Moland aimed a BB gun at Miller. Assuming the weapon was a handgun, Miller fatally shot Moland. When Modesto Police officers arrived they found Miller over the mortally Moland, administering cardio pulmonary resuscitation. He later died at a Modesto hospital.

Neither Modesto and Ceres police departments have divulged the circumstances surrounding Miller meeting Rosio Moland in the park. Miller, who is married, was placed on administrative leave following the shooting and had not returned to duty.

Jason Moland, who was a loss prevention officer at Winco Foods store in Modesto since 2006, was aspiring to join the ranks of law enforcement. He reportedly had applied for a sheriff's deputy position and had passed the agility test, written exam and interview panel.

Lt. Perry commented that he didn't think Miller would face any charges in the shooting if it's found that it was self-defense. He said it's normal for off-duty officers to carry a gun and that some agencies require it for protection these days when officers are being targeted for random killings.

Modesto Police will be forwarding their report to the Stanislaus County District Attorney's office, said Perry.

During his time as a Ceres officer Miller has been involved in a number of incidences that were noteworthy. In October, Miller was injured when he was accidentally bitten by a police canine during a pursuit and arrest of parolee Brandon Blas.