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Q&A about changes coming Jan. 1 to garbage collection
City Connection

City of Ceres garbage customers started receiving new black carts last week, that will be utilized for garbage collection as part of the changes to service beginning Jan. 1. To assist residents with understanding the new collection service, listed below are some frequently asked questions and responses.

1). My neighbors all received their new cart but I did not get one, what do I do?

If you currently have a lower service level with a 60-gallon cart, you will receive yours with the next round of deliveries and no action is needed on your part. However, if your regular garbage service includes a 90-gallon cart, and you did not receive your new black cart, contact the Public Works Department at (209) 538-5732.

2). Should I start using the black cart for garbage collection when I receive it or wait until Jan. 1?

Residents are encouraged to utilize the black carts for garbage disposal as soon as they are received. However, residents should not utilize the green cart for organics until January 1, 2022.  Collection for organics material in the green carts will not begin until that time.

3). Will the garbage and recycling collection schedule remain the same? How often will the new organics cart be collected?

The black waste cart will be collected on a weekly basis as it is currently.

The new green organics cart will be collected weekly at the same time as the black waste wart.

The blue recycling cart will remain on an every-other-week basis as service is currently.

4). Can we put the recyclable items that belong in the blue cart or the organics that belong in the green cart in a garbage bag before placing it in the cart?

No! Although garbage bags are plastic, they are not considered a recyclable or biodegradable material. Further, garbage bags prevent the ability to determine whether there are contaminants inside the bags and interfere with the machinery used to process sorting of the mixed materials before they are taken to the recycling facility.

5). What if I can’t remember what goes in each colored cart?  

Along with the information that is available on the city’s website, the printed doorhanger that is provided when the new organics cart is delivered, and the informational flyer that was sent in the November utility billing, each of the collection carts are stamped or labeled with information on the material that is to be collected in that specific cart.

If you have further questions regarding the new waste collection program or would like more information, please call the City of Ceres Public Works Department at (209) 538-5732 or visit the City’s website at

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