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Redistricting brings little change to TID director map
Turlock Irrigation District’s Board of Directors approved a new electoral map on Feb. 1, shown here with current boundary divisions in black and new divisions outlined in brown and filled with color.

The five-month process of determining Turlock Irrigation District’s new boundaries for its Board of Directors was completed last week, with the elected body giving its seal of approval to a new map which makes little changes to the current divisions.

TID first began its decennial redistricting process with a kickoff meeting in September. Four initial draft maps were posted for public viewing in November, with directors selecting their preferred choice, Option A, in December. TID received public feedback on the varying maps throughout the process, said External Affairs Department Manager Josh Weimer. 

“We feel like this process, while it may have been a little bit more flushed out and a little dragged on, we think that it helped with transparency and making sure that the public was well aware of the process and had their input heard,” he said. 

In selecting and approving the Option A map, Weimer said directors chose new boundaries which accomplish the goals the organization established in September. While there are some shifts to divisions, they remain mostly unchanged, and the new map meets requirements set forth by the Voting Rights Act with at least one majority Hispanic division. 

In the new map, Division 2 which includes Ceres and is represented by Director Charles Fernandes, shrinks, with its southern border pushed up from Grayson Road to around Hatch Road.

Division 1, currently represented by Board President Michael Frantz, loses just a sliver of its southern border to Division 4 (Director Robert Santos). 

Division 3 (Director Joe Alamo) features the largest Hispanic vote at 60.93 percent and still features the same southern border at West Main Street, but now stretches eastward into the current Division 4.

Division 5 (Vice President Ron Macedo) gains territory in central Turlock by taking a small southern chunk out of Division 4 as well.

Up for reelection in the November election are Fernandes in Division 2, Alamo in Division 3 and Macedo in Division 5.

According to Weimer, the newly-approved map will now be sent to the elections divisions of both Stanislaus and Merced counties to be used for the election. 

To view the final map, as well as additional draft maps, visit