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Retiring City Clerk Cindy Heidorn feted
Cindy Heidorn
Cindy Heidorn has retired as City Clerk in Ceres.

Cindy Heidorn, who served as the city clerk of Ceres for the past 12 years, has retired and was honored Monday by the Ceres City Council with a proclamation.

Mayor Chris Vierra said Heidorn was special to him since she has been a part of the council since his early days on the City Council. He said she efficiently handled the council's business, including assembling the meeting agendas and handling messages and mail.

"Cindy did a great job for a number of years and we want to wish her all the best and I did want to pass along my thanks and appreciation," said Vierra.

Heidorn, who was not present at the meeting, sent a message that she felt "blessed to have worked with a wonderful employee family and great citizens who volunteer and give of their resources to retain the history of Ceres while moving it into the future."

Replacing Heidorn is Lori Frontella.