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Reynolds changes jobs in CUSD for sons sake
Former CVHS coach now districts energy manager & special ed teacher
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Mike Reynolds left his job as Central Valley High School coach to pursue a job as Ceres Unified School Districts energy manager partly as the result son Kase, who suffers from neurocognitive disorder characterized by epilepsy and intellectual disability. The family also consists of wife Katharine and daughter Kylie. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Mike Reynolds no longer coaches sports at Central Valley High School.

Reynolds, who will continue to be a special-education teacher, stepped down as head coach of the Hawks' cross country and track and field programs after being named Ceres Unified School District's energy manager in June.

"My son (Kase) had a big part in this," Reynolds said while talking about reasons he modified his career path. "The whole last year has put everything into perspective. If he has an appointment, I can go and come back, and work from 9-to-11 at night if I have to. This job offers flexibility."

Kase was diagnosed with chromosome 5q14.3 deletion syndrome, a neurocognitive disorder characterized by epilepsy and intellectual disability, at the age of four months.

He celebrated his first birthday on May 22.

Kase has spent a large portion of his life at doctors' appointments and in therapy.

Mother Katharine was employed by CUSD for seven years prior to taking time off to take care of Kase. She taught physical education at Cesar Chavez Junior High during the 2012 school year. She spent the bulk of her career at Central Valley High School as a dance teacher.

Mike and Katharine also have a four-year-old daughter (Kylie).

"There's either someone coming to our house or we're taking him somewhere two to three times a week," Mike said. "My wife does so much for him. She's a trooper. She definitely works hard. She loves being a mom. That in itself is a full-time job."

Reynolds coached track and field at Central Valley for nine years.

He directed the Hawks' cross country program for eight seasons.

"I started with 10 kids the first year of track and field," Reynolds said. "I was the only coach. It was me by myself. I'll definitely miss the sport. It's a fun environment. I did it in high school and college. It will be an adjustment."

Mike's new job requires him to work an additional 50 to 60 hours a month during nights and weekends. He replaced Tim Taylor, who filled the position for six years.

"My schedule varies quite a bit," Reynolds said. "It's crazy how much I've learned in the last four months. There are so many details. A lot of people take things for granted. I'm making sure the district is being as energy efficient as possible. We're using and wasting a lot less energy than we were before. We've been recognized for it in the past."

Reynolds earned a degree in business management from Cal State Stanislaus.

"I talked with my wife and looked at my options," said Reynolds, who found out about the CUSD energy manager job at "The position opened at the right time. I got hired the day before graduation. I started the next week. I've definitely enjoyed learning. I like my new job. At the same time, I miss coaching. I still teach. With everything that's been going on, I had to do what's best for my family."