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Rotary Foundation awards scholarships to outstanding seniors, 2020 graduates
Rotary scholarship girls
Among Ceres high school seniors who received scholarships were: (left to right), Paola Campos and Virginia Moore of Central Valley High; and Victoria Rodriguez-Ochoa and Bianca De Los Reyes, both of Ceres High School; and Emily Marquez, a second-year recipient who graduated from Ceres High School in 2020 and is finishing her first year of college. The recipients are seen with Rotary Club President Bob Taylor.

The Ceres Rotary Club Foundation honored outstanding graduating seniors and first-year college students on May 21 with a first or second of two-year educational scholarships.

The club’s scholarship program is unique in that the scholarships are paid over two years with four annual awards at $2,500 or $1,250 a year, and the Lew Family Scholarship, at $4,000 or $2,000 a year. Additionally, the awards offer applicants a variety of college and vocational training options.

Two Central Valley High School seniors were given scholarships. Paola Campos was awarded the $4,000 Lew Family Scholarship and Virginia Moore was gifted the $2,500 General Education/Social Services Scholarship.

Ceres High School seniors who were honored were Victoria Rodriguez-Ochoa, who received the Deller Scholarship of $2,500; and class valedictorian Bianca De Los Reyes who picked up the General: Science/Technology Scholarship of $2,500.

Emily Marquez, a second-year recipient who graduated from Ceres High School in 2020 received her second year payment of $1,250 under the General: Science/Technology Scholarship. Emily is finishing her first year of college. 

Additional recipients who were not in attendance were:

• Argus High senior Jonathan Silva who received the Gus Pallios Scholarship of $2,500.

• 2020 Ceres High grad Maria Ortega, who is receiving her second payment of $1,250 from the Howie Stevenson Scholarship.

• 2020 Ceres High graduate Mark Razo, who is receiving his second installment of the General: Education, Psychology, Social Services Scholarship worth $1,250.

• 2020 Whitmore Charter High School graduate Perla Garcia who is picking up $1,250 as the second payment of the Gus Pallios Scholarship.

• 2020 Ceres High graduate Janeth Ramirez Del Rio who is receiving the second year payment of $1,250 from her Lew Family Scholarship.