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Rules for recycling containers
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Few people question what they are able to place in a garbage can. After all, trash is trash. But knowing what to place in the blue recycling waste container requires some extra thought.

According to Kay Dunkel, administrative analyst with the city of Ceres' Engineering Services Department, the list of what and what not to place in blue recycling toters are the same for residents, schools and businesses alike.
Residents are reminded that the blue containers are for:

• Glass bottles and jars;

• Steel and bi-metal cans such as what canned food comes in;

• Cereal and corrugated cardboard boxes;

• Newspapers and inserts;

• Magazines and catalogues;

• Brown grocery bags;

• Mixed white or colored papers, such as binder paper, computer paper, manila folders, manila envelopes, machine tape paper and envelopes with no cellophane windows or large adhesive labels. (Prongs and paper clips should be removed);

• Shredded paper (sealed in a bag to prevent scattering during pick-up);

•Old telephone books and textbooks;

•Any plastic containers such as yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers, plastic CVR bottles, plastic milk jugs, and plastic shopping bags coded 1-7.

•Aluminum cans and other CA redemption value beverage containers.

The list of what NOT to place in recycling Toters is a bit trickier to remember. The city says DO NOT place these items in the blue container:

• Aluminum foil;

• Scrap metal;

• Ceramic coffee mugs;

• Glass light bulbs or tubes;

• Food contaminated pizza boxes;

• Paper towels, paper cups and plates, waxed or foiled papers, drinking straws, candy and gum wrappers and Styrofoam cups;

• Shrink wrap and polystyrene packaging (such as what comes packaged with TVs);

• Post-It notes;

• Envelopes that have either cellophane windows or large adhesive labels;

• Discarded binders;

• Butcher paper;

• Paper that has crayon, paint or tape;

• NCR or carbon papers as well as transparencies;

• File folders that have metal prong fasteners or plastic dividers or tabs attached.

• Construction paper like students use.

Items that may never be placed in the regular trash container and the blue recycling toter are batteries and used motor oil and filters. Used motor oil and filters are only collected at the curbside from single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and four-plexes on one piece of property.

Residents living in apartment complexes may drop off their used oil and filters at drop off centers, such as the Stanislaus County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility, 1710 Morgan Road, on Fridays and Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., except holiday weekends. Used oil is also accepted at auto parts stores in Ceres.

The city of Ceres has recycling information posted on its website, On the home page at lower right is a rotating green arrow with a link to the information. Also in the middle of the home page there is an Ask Ceres section with a red question mark that has a link to recycling information.