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Silveira: City Hall is ‘substandard’ and needs rehab or replacing
Ceres City Hall
Ceres City Hall is substandard, said Vice Mayor Bret Silveira, and is in need of replacement or rehabilitation.

Ceres City Hall is substandard and needed to be renovated or replaced, Vice Mayor Bret Silveira suggested at last week’s City Council meeting.

Some on the council agreed with Silveira’s remarks, which were made during the Council Comments section of the agenda. Because others agreed, the matter could be placed on a future agenda for official discussion.

“Our City Hall is substandard for our city staff and I believe it’s time to look at potential for either renovating the building, finding a new place for one, whatever we need to do,” said Silveira. “Along with that obviously is some design work and funding options and looking for different ways to fund that project. The time is now.”

City Manager Alex Terrazas said he and his staff would bring back cost estimates if the council wanted to explore options.

Councilman James Casey expressed caution, saying, “We’re running on a budget that’s already a million and some odd dollars short, we’re borrowing ARP money for that. WE can look at improving conditions of the city hall but let’s get our budget in shape.”

Silveira said the city could explore funding sources from the state or federal government that the city might qualify for.

City Hall dates back to 1974. It was constructed as a City Hall and library. The library later relocated into the former Ceres Post Office building next door.