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Summer School program draws 2,000
online learning

More than 2,000 students have signed up for Ceres Unified’s Summer School Program.

“Obviously, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not the same as years past,” said Anthony Little, coordinator of Educational Options for the District. “The classes were converted into online courses through our Edgenuity platform. We used the platform for our night school students this past school year.”

Approximately 900 students entering grades 9-12 signed up for the first session of Ceres Unified’s High School Summer School.

 “We need to put this into perspective,” said Little. “We have to be patient and do everything we can from a distance to help them. We have to have an open mind and be flexible.”

The first session started on June 8 and ended on Tuesday.

The second session will get underway today and run through July 10.

 “We filled up both sessions before the school year closed. The learning directors at their sites enrolled them into courses in the spring time. Every student is assigned to a class with a teacher. Each teacher monitors progress through the online program. The online systems tell the students exactly what to do. It’s much more organized and consistent. At the same time, it’s rigorous for our students.”

Ceres Unified’s Summer Mentor Program for students in grades K-8 got underway on June 8 and ends today.

A total of 142 teachers, including 122 at the elementary level, provided instruction to 1,000 students.

Students used Google Classroom and packets to complete book study, creative writing and other assignments.

They also communicated with their teachers via Zoom conference meetings.

Grades were not assigned.

 “We organized this prior to the school year ending,” Little said. “Our focus was to make sure our students remained active and in contact with our schools.”

The 2020-21 school year is slated to begin on Aug. 12.

 “We’ll have to adjust depending on what the (COVID-19) guidelines are,” Little said.