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Trash pick-up set for Sunday
• Downtown business owner invites volunteers to join in
Brandy Meyer trash
Brandy Meyer picked up so much trash last weekend on Fourth Street that she’s organizing a new pick-up event on Sunday.

A community cleanup effort is being organized for Sunday afternoon.

Ceres City Council candidate Brandy Meyer is organizing the cleanup effort which is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. in front of the Wells Fargo Bank at 2905 Fourth Street, Ceres.

The effort to clean up “some neighborhoods and fields” was announced on the Ceres Neighborhood Watch Facebook page.

Participants are asking wear their masks. Garbage grabbers, bags, vests and water will be supplied on loan from the Chamber. The plan is to clean up Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, around Smyrna Park and the Herndon Road area.

Meyer, along with her husband Keith and Dovie Wilson of the Ceres Chamber, spent about an hour last weekend in the heat picking up trash on one side of Fourth Street and were astounded to fill three large bags filled with garbage left on the sidewalks, in the landscaping bushes and in the gutters.

“There was more garbage than we actually saw so by the time we got done we had filled three bags full and we only hit one side of the street so we realized it was a much bigger job than we first thought,” said Meyer. “So we decided to do it again next Sunday and open it up to any other volunteers.”

Meyer said she wanted to clean up some streets before the rains come.

The work comes on the heels of last week’s Caltrans’ cleanup of the Highway 99 corridor.