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Web portal allows Cereans to track water use, detect leaks
Sample water portal page
This is a sample graph available on the city’s web portal which shows water usage for a specific address. Residents can track water use and make adjustments to consumption to lower bills.

The City of Ceres and the Ceres Courier have partnered to provide readers with current events and important information from the City of Ceres Public Works Department in a regular feature, City Connection.

Did you know that city of Ceres water customers can monitor their water usage? The city website provides access to the water portal utility which displays water consumption information for each residential and commercial account. Registration is easy and only requires a valid email address and the account number listed on the city’s water bill to sign up. Sensus Analytics displays water usage in graphs for easy reading, and is displayed in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly formats. The water portal can also notify users through email or text of any continuous usage for at least 24 hours which is indicative that a potential leak is present. The portal is also a useful resource to determine if a reduction in water consumption is necessary. To sign up, visit . You may also find the link on the City of Ceres website at Click the Public Works link from the home page and follow the Water link to the water meters section. For assistance with accessing the portal, contact Public Works by email at . 

Remember that the city of Ceres offer rebates for new purchases of low-water usage appliances like washers, dishwashers and toilets. Visit the city’s website for more information.