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Zoom class interrupted by X-rated intruder
• Teacher shut down junior high session when porn appeared
zoom SHOT

An individual using an alias name accessed a Blaker-Kinser Jr. High Zoom meeting for students on Sept. 1 and displayed pornographic content for a few seconds before the teacher terminated the session.

Ceres Unified School District officials said they are taking necessary steps to safeguard against recurrence.

“Families of students in the class were contacted by the school, and district officials are working with police to identify the individual or individuals responsible for this incident,” said Ceres Unified School District Communications Specialist Beth Jimenez. “There is no evidence to suggest the district’s Zoom account was hacked.”

“The email that was linked to the inappropriate posting was not associated with any of our students,” said Jay Simmonds, assistant superintendent of Student Support Services for CUSD.

Ceres Unified employs protocols, such as the use of Zoom waiting rooms, to prevent unauthorized access and uses a paid version of the platform that includes enhanced privacy and security features according to Jimenez.

“In addition, increased vigilance is being used to authenticate Zoom users before they are admitted to sessions, and measures are in place to track and identify those who use or attempt to use student credentials for illicit purposes,” she said. “We are deeply disturbed by this incident that comes during an already difficult time for students and families, and are taking necessary steps to safeguard against recurrence.”

“We believe in protecting our kids,” Simmonds added. “That’s why we implemented this new program. The kids will have to log in through Clever. It will allow us to track their activity. If they do something wrong, we’ll be able to find out who did it. We’re confident it will greatly reduce or completely eliminate the risk of our students being exposed to inappropriate material.”