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Maroudas, Miller now fire captains
George Maroudas and Mike Miller have been promoted to the rank of Ceres fire captain.

The appointments took effect on Sunday, Oct. 19.

"Both George and Mike are highly experienced veteran firefighters who have proven themselves in terms of their professional knowledge, commitment to the job and community and for their leadership," said Art de Werk, Public Safety Director for the city of Ceres.

The Fire Division has 12 captain positions, two of which were recently made vacant. One position became open when captain Josh Bennett left Ceres to join Calfire in Humboldt County. The other vacancy was created when Randy Wheeler was promoted as a batallion chief.

Promoting Maroudas and Miller means deWerk has two firefighter positions to fill.

"Once those are filled that will bring up the department to full strength," said de Werk.

Both Maroudas and Miller were hired by the city as firefighters on Nov. 19, 2001.

Maroudas was hired as a firefighter with Ceres on Oct. 19, 2001, and Miller joined the firefighter staff on Nov. 19, 2001.