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Meth lab uncovered
As the result of a tip from neighbors, law enforcement agents shut down a methamphetamine lab in a quiet central Ceres neighborhood on Friday morning.

Sgt. Pat Sullivan of the Ceres Police Department said the crime phone hotline received credible reports that drugs were being dealt out of a garage at 2329 Sixth Street just north of Whitmore Avenue. The complaints indicated lots of foot traffic to the residence. After two weeks of watching the residence police obtained a search warrant and executed it at 8:30 a.m. on Friday.

Arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine for sale was Kerry Krantz of Ceres. Sullivan said Krantz was living in an outbuilding behind the house, which is owned by his mother.

"This lab was small, capable of producing one to two ounces at a time," said Sgt. Sullivan. "It sells for about $800 an ounce."

Members of the Stanislaus County Drug Enforcement Agency dressed in hazardous materials suits assisted in collecting evidence for a court case.

Sullivan said he's certain that Ceres has other meth labs similar to the one allegedly being operated by Krantz. The key to making the bust was getting good information and good surveillance, he noted.

"It takes a lot of investigation and a lot of resources. We can't just get a warrant based on tips."

He said some illicit drug manufacturers are especially good at keeping their actions from being detected.