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Resident files claim with city alleging police brutality
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A man who said he was physically abused last summer by a Ceres officer as he was being arrested for drunk driving has filed a claim with the city of Ceres.

The claim is in excess of $10,000 and was filed by attorney David Renteria for Eladio Ramirez who was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving while in the 30000 block of Esmar Road.

The claim alleges that Officer Coey Henson handcuffed Ramirez and then "began to mistreat" Ramirez. The claim further states that when Ramirez asked to be treated with respect Henson hurled the suspect face first into the roadway and that the blow knocked him out or made him semi-conscious. Renteria also stated that Ramirez was picked up and flipped onto his back, which caused the man's cuffed hands and arms to be burned on the hot asphalt. Renteria said his client also sustained first-, second- and third-degree burns to his face.

The claim, rejected by the Ceres City Council on April 26, alleges that Sheriff's deputy Ruelas stood by and watched.

"I haven't seen any evidence of misconduct but we'll let the system work this out," said Chief Art deWerk. "I'm not in a position to comment on it."