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Several persons were arrested early Friday morning after a man reported being robbed while sitting in his car inside the Cost Less Foods parking lot on Hatch Road.

A man called police at 1:05 a.m. to say he was robbed by four to five subjects who claimed they were armed. The man surrendered his wallet, which contained a small amount of cash, and some jewelry. The men climbed into a red Ford T-Bird before fleeing towards Herndon Road.

Ceres Police Officer Julio Amador spotted the T-Bird driving north on Herndon Road and watched as it stopped in front of a mobilehome at 822 Bystrum. Five men ran into the mobilehome. He called for backup and officers surrounded the home but the occupants refused to surrender. As the men were held up in the house for five hours, officers reported the suspects peering out the window and yelling obscenities at them.

Ceres police SWAT and negotiations team arrived on scene but the occupants continued to refuse to speak with police.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. a search warrant for the home was obtained and portions of the mobilehome park were evacuated. At approximately 7:23 a.m. the SWAT team fired tear gas into the mobilehome and almost immediately the occupants of the home started coming out.

Arrested and charged with robbery and resisting arrest were Arturo Valtavar Iniquez, 28, Remigio Iniquez, 21, Erik Gomez, 22, and Wilfrido Iniquez, 24, all of Modesto.

Estevan Maciel, 21, of Modesto, was charged with resisting arrest.

A 15-year-old female from Modesto and a 16-year-old female from Ceres were charged with resisting arrest.

"One of them said they didn't come out because they were scared," said Sgt. Allen McKay. "This after they were yelling for us to f--- off."

"We found evidence of the robbery, a simulated handgun and a lot of booze," said Chief of Police Art deWerk. "The officers did an excellent job, with all appropriate precautions taken."