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Timothy Carrillo, 37, of Ceres, has been sentenced to 80 years to life in prison for the April 15, 2007 murders of two men at a Ceres apartment complex.

The sentence was pronounced Jan. 22 by Judge Ricardo Cordova after Carrillo had denied a defense motion for a new trial.

On September 25, 2009, Carrillo had been found guilty by a jury of two counts of second-degree murder with the used a firearm. Each murder conviction carried a 40 years to life sentence.

Killed in the incident were Pete Silverio Garcia, 29, and Cary Lamont Thompson Jr., 22.

Prosecutors said that Carrillo went to his cousin Olivia Valdovinos' apartment at 4 a.m. to call out her boyfriend, Pete Garcia. Carrillo was told that Garcia had been abusing Valdovinos earlier that evening. Carrillo was armed with a loaded handgun and knocked on a window. The cousin and Garcia came out of the bedroom, and the cousin opened the door and told Carrillo to leave. He refused. Garcia was also armed and a gunfight ensued. Garcia managed to shoot Carrillo twice, but Garcia was killed by Carrillo as was Garcia's overnight guest who was sleeping on the couch.

During the trial there was no definitive answer as to who fired first, but the evidence strongly pointed to a simultaneous outburst of gunfire.