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Soccer space short
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Representatives of Ceres Youth Soccer Organization asked the Ceres City Council last week to consider adding another soccer field to Ceres River Bluff Regional Park to accommodate all who want to play but can't for lack of space.

When the soccer league kicked off its season on Sept. 11, CYSO was a field short to accommodate a program for the 5-6-year-olds.

CYSO's Lou Toste and Randy Cerny said their group is willing to work with the city to come up with funds to add another field.

"We had to chop a lot of families because we just don't have all the room to play," said Toste.

Mayor Anthony Cannella said the city has talked about eliminating plans for a softball field in lieu of a soccer field. The council said it would schedule a special study session to further look into the matter.

"For us it's a matter of money, both construction and maintenance at this point," said City Manager Brad Kilger.

When the park was envisioned six soccer fields were planned. One of those was taken up for a drainage basin.