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Complaints about leaf debris left in the street after the street sweeper has passed by are prompting the city to look at adding a wastewheeler for vegetation waste.

The city is also keeping tabs on the service being provided by the city's street sweeping contractor.

Street sweeping services were talked about during the Dec. 8 Ceres City Council meeting. The item was placed on the agenda as a result of Councilman Ken Lane making a complaint at a prior meeting about service in his neighborhood. Lane said he saw debris left on his street after the sweeper passed by.

City staff checked into the service and determined that the number of complaints against Contract Sweeping Services (CSC) has been less than the prior company, ABC Sweeping. Only 11 complaints have been filed since Dec. 1, 2007. In each case where the company was made aware of the problems, the response was quick, said Phil Scott, director of the Public Works Department.

City workers also engaged in a Nov. 24-26 check on the sweeper work. Most of the sweeping was acceptable but some center medians on Hatch Road had been missed.

In the discussion, however, city officials suggest that part of the debris problem is due to the city's leaf and limb program. Currently the city allows residents to sweep piles of leaves and small limbs into the street for monthly pickup. Scott said it may be time for Ceres to add a green waste container for yard waste to be picked up every other week as many communities have.

"It would help us keep the streets in cleaner condition and keep the storm drains from being clogged," said Scott. "The more we keep the streets clean the better the storm drains perform as well."

Having leaves in the street also makes the sweeper fill up quicker, causing the need for more frequent dumping and putting sweeping behind schedule, Scott noted. When the sweeper is late, some residents call city offices to suggest their street was missed when it's just late.

The city of Modesto has both a leaf and limb program and a green waste container.

Scott believes the city would retain the leaf and limb program if Ceres adds a green waste container.

He's not sure when the change might take place.

"It won't happen overnight. We'd have to negotiate with Bertolotti."

The city will continue to hold a performance review of the contract every six months.