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Teen crashes motorcycle in chase
A head-on crash into a Ceres patrol car ended a Sunday afternoon pursuit of a Ceres teenager on a motorcyclist. The teen was not injured in the collision on Payne Avenue at Hatch Road but Grant Berlang-Hurst, 18, of Ceres, was booked on several charges.

Ceres Police Lt. Brent Smith said that Berlang-Hurst fled from police because he did not have a license to ride the motorcycle and had no insurance.

The incident started at 1:45 p.m. when Officer Ron Collins saw the rider driving at speeds of approximately 90 mph on River Road and run through a stop sign at River and Moffet roads. Collins attempted to initiate a traffic stop but Berlang-Hurst decided to flee, leading Collins through a pursuit in residential areas north of Hatch Road. The chase went onto westbound River Road, onto westbound Rushing River, eventually ending up on Mill Creek Drive, and northbound on Central Avenue and back on River Road where Collins lost sight of the rider. Meanwhile, Officer Vanessa Gomez responded to the area and just turned onto Payne Avenue off of Hatch Road when Berlang-Hurst reappeared, heading right toward her patrol car. Officer Gomez stopped in the street and the rider hit directly on the patrol car's front bumper, rolling Berlang-Hurst up onto the hood and breaking the windshield.

Berlang-Hurst was taken to the hospital to be checked for injuries as a precaution.

"He didn't know how to drive a motorcycle and he didn't have a license," commented Lt. Smith. "He could take the straight aways good but couldn't make the corners very well."

The teen was booked on charges of leading police on a pursuit, riding at excessive speeds, driving without a license and failing to show proof of insurance.