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Barbara Carson
Barbara Carson, 82, died Saturday, August 18, 2012, in Hillsborough, Calif.

She was born Feb. 25, 1930, in Niagara Falls, N.Y., to Stanley Carson and Isabella Wilder. She attended Niagara Falls High School in Niagara Falls and Coronado High School in Coronado. She also attended Mills College for Women in Oakland, majoring in ancient Greek Philosophy with Dr. Georgiana Melvin, Ph.D. Oxford, Dean of Faculty, Rhodes Scholar Selection Committee Mills. She transferred to the University of California Berkeley Graduate School in Spanish, and studied with Dr. José Montesinos, chairman of the Spanish Department, and uncle of poet Federico García Lorca, Granada, Spain. She wrote her Master's Degree Thesis on the life of Federico García Lorca, best known for a book of poetry Poema del Cante Jondo (Poem of Deep Song). Barbara worked two years as assistant to Press Office at Embajada de España (the Spanish Embassy), Washington, D.C., and two years at the Czarnikow-Rionda Cuban Sugar Brokerage on Wall Street as an assistant in economics, with Dr. Miklos Szabo of Hungary.

She taught elementary school, primarily 4th grade, in Ceres from 1966 until her retirement in 1998. She also was a scuba diving instructor and dived all over California, Mexico, and Hawaii with her family. She was married in June 1957 and divorced 1971. She led a long, happy, serene life.

She is survived by two wonderful children, son Geoffrey Stutzin (and wife Bing-hui Yang), daughter Candace Savoie (and husband Robert Savoie), and four beautiful grandchildren, Marissa and Michael Savoie, and Kyle and Lily Stutzin. There will be no formal service for Barbara, per her request.

She would like to thank the Ceres Unified School District for a wonderful and beautiful experience as a bilingual teacher. Buena suerte y gracias otra vez!

-Ceres Courier/ Sept. 5, 2012