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2,000 reasons why you'd be insane to vote for Newsom
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Gavin Newsom wants to be our next governor.

If you think he's the man to help pull California out of the bottomless pit of debt Sacramento has managed to create, guess again.

The mayor of San Francisco is boldly taking government to where even the now-defunct central Planning Committees of the old Soviet Union dared not go.

Newsom on Thursday celebrated the success of spending $500,000 in city money as enticements for people to improve their family's life. The money - administered by the non-profit Family Independent Initiative - allocated up to $2,000 in rewards for each participating family that set goals and meets them.

The rewards included:

• $20 if you lose weight.

• $25 if your kid gets better grades on their report card.

• $100 if your kid graduates from high school.

• $50 if you obtain health insurance for your family.

• $30 if you attend a home ownership class.

• $50 if you buy a home.

There's even a reward if you start a business.

Just so you understand what is going on here, the city of San Francisco is taking tax dollars and using it as carrots to "encourage" people to be responsible. That's right. Responsible taxpayers who do the right thing are having their money taken from them to give to people who weren't doing the right thing by rewarding them when they do the right thing.

Keep in mind Newsom wants to run a state that has a $21 billion deficit and has his own city facing well over $100 million in its own budget shortfall.

His handlers will probably cite the wonderful success that shows the initial 16 participating families increased their income an average of 19 percent. That doesn't include the award money, by the way. They would probably also mentioned the $500,000 city appropriation was from two years ago and not this budget year and that Newsom isn't planning to fork over any more city dough next year due to the budget crisis.

It's proof positive that Newsom didn't have the foresight - just like the existing leaders in Sacramento - to curb spending when the economic indicators started dropping two years ago. It also shows where Newsom wants to take government somewhere beyond the bloated role that Sacramento already perceives its place to be in the day-to-day lives of Californians.

They will also tell you this makes more sense than investing money in case workers.

Why not just cut to the chase? Newsom embraces Big Daddy government where the kids - those not pulling their own weights as adults - can continue to sponge off the state because they're not goal orientated. So what do you do to entice lazy and drift less kids? You entice them with money. Forget about instilling values of self-discipline and such. It's all about the money.

It doesn't matter if it does work. It is taking tax dollars out of the pockets of Californians - many of whom are on the edge including in San Francisco - and using it to "encourage" others to improve their lot in life.

I doubt this is the type of government Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers had in mind when they cut the strings to King George.

Now imagine what Governor Newsom would do in Sacramento. Forget about trying to cut spending and reduce and reshape government. This man wants to make government surrogate parents.

Meanwhile, San Francisco is bracing for major layoffs.

The largeness with public money may not bother your typical San Franciscan since most are significantly better off than 80 percent of the state but coming on the heels of Tuesday's election it makes Newsom look like he has a disconnect with California voters that is wider than the Milky Way.

In a way, it is a political stroke of genius. Newsom has managed to re-enforce the image of Jerry Brown as a miser when it comes to state tax dollars from his first stint as governor.

We don't need someone who thinks he's Daddy Warbucks as governor of California.