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Big change for us: the Courier office is moving
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Heads up. Big changes are coming to the Ceres Courier.

Our "home" is moving, so to speak. The office in downtown Ceres is closing and moving. But don't despair - the Courier will continue on as it has since 1910.

Since for the first time in 25 years I won't be making my daily trek to 2940 Fourth Street, the change is monumental. But the average reader won't realize anything has changed, unless you're one of those who likes to drop in to chat about the community or news or do business.

Courier staff will be moving to 138 S. Center Street in Turlock where our sister paper, the Turlock Journal, operates.

Ours plans are to be out of our Ceres office by month's end. Hopefully the vacancy our withdrawal creates will enable a new business of Fourth Street that will draw even more traffic to downtown than a newspaper office could.

Our mailing address will remain the same - P.O. Box 7, Ceres, CA 95307 - and our general phone number will also remain the same - (209) 537-5032. Our direct phone and FAX lines and email addresses are all staying the same. News information providers, advertisers and readers may contact us by phone, FAX or email just as you have before, and you are always welcome to stroll in the door at the new office in Turlock.

We won't sugarcoat the fact that the staff has some adjustments to make. There will be more driving for at least three of us. Though we may not be quite as assessable as being downtown, we'll be covering the events and publishing Ceres news just the same, and it actually might even get us out and about more than we are right now. I expect that it could get us to look at coverage differently.

Like anyone who has moved their family, we're doing a lot of house cleaning, tossing out dust-covered papers and other items and asking ourselves, "Why in the heck did I save that?" Some of our old equipment is being donated to charitable causes, which makes us a little happier about the task at hand.

The Courier has been in publication since 1910, but most of what remains in the office dates back to the 1980s when I came here. The office once served as a production facility in the days when newspapers used "paste-up" production. Computers made it where less space was needed and frankly over half of this building was not even used in recent years.

As we continue to cover the local news and events in this great community, we thank you for reading the Courier each week or following us on our website,

As a voluntary pay subscription newspaper, we really appreciate those of you who find the means to pay us for your home delivery to help support our carriers, or who buy us at the news stand. Though we can sure use more of you to subscribe either at the office or by paying your carrier when they collect, we are committed to giving you and our precious advertisers the best newspaper and delivery service that we can today and in the future.

So yes, it is a move for us, but our mission will continue as we join forces with our sister paper and actually gain additional support and backup that we can really use.

Your Ceres Courier has been around a long while, and we hope you continue to join us each and every week as we continue to report more community information than any other news source in our area.

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