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2015: Obamas Transformative Year
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2015 may be remembered as the year when the world finally was turned upside down with actions once deemed so bizarre that they would never even be considered becoming the norm, and the formerly accepted norm being shouted down by a mob that imposes its version of correctness.

Below are eight shake-my-head events from 2015 that are straight out of what is becoming the new normal in Obama's post-constitutional America.

1). The state of Oregon took every dollar from the bank accounts of the Oregon bakers who ran afoul of the gay marriage lobby by refusing to provide a wedding cake for a lesbian couple seeking to be married. Even after paying a fine of $136,927.07, it is reported that the state seized the remaining $7,000 in the Christian baker's bank accounts.

In Obama's America, freedom of conscience or religion no longer exists for those who dissent against the cultural mob.

2). Hillary Clinton, who is in the position to be considered for president due to her marriage to former President Bill Clinton, stated on Twitter, "To every survivor of sexual assault...You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We're with you." And she gets away with the hypocrisy, in spite of her track record of attacking women who accused her husband of serial sexual assault.

3). The GOP took control over the Senate in 2015 on the promise that if Republicans took control of the Senate, that they would rein in Obama. Less than a week after Republicans assumed power, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that he wanted to give Obama, "an enormous grant of power" by passing legislation to fast track Obama's trade deals. Apparently, reining in means giving an enormous grant of power in some circles.

4). "That's not who America is" has become the battle cry by those who wish to allow Syrians to flow into the United States relatively unimpeded given the knowledge that the intelligence services have been intentionally blinded by the Obama Administration to the threat of Islamic terrorism in the latest wave of immigrants from the war in Syria and Iraq. In 2015, America officially became more concerned with being politically correct than with securing her citizens or borders.

5). Congress got in an uproar over Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Obama's solution was to tell Congress that he didn't need their approval. Rather than fight for their treaty prerogatives, Congress allowed Obama to submit the treaty as legislation meaning that instead of needing 67 votes in the Senate to ratify it, they needed 67 votes in that same body to override the President's veto of their resolution of disapproval. Of course, the veto override failed and the treaty power of the Senate was effectively eviscerated.

6). Speaking of the "treaty power." Obama completed a global warming deal in Paris late this year with the intention of not submitting it to the Senate for ratification, and just implementing it using his pen and phone. Congress reacted angrily, and then within weeks failed to prohibit the use of funds for the Green Climate Fund that is at the heart of the agreement's intent to directly transferring wealth from the U.S. Treasury to third party nations across the globe.

Next thing you know the environmentalists will change global warming to climate change in order to explain away the failure of the earth to warm for almost two decades.

7). John Kerry's State Department has declared that they are "Bringing Peace and Security to Syria" as one of their accomplishments for 2015. Enough said.

8). The Supreme Court in the case dealing with whether there should be tax subsidies for states that chose not to have state health exchanges found that even though the law clearly stated that state exchanges were the key determiner of whether federal tax subsidies for Obamacare recipients would be allowed, that the subsidies should continue regardless of the plain letter of the law.

When what is written by Congress in legislation can be ignored because it is now found to be inconvenient, words no longer matter under the law.

If words don't matter, then the nation is no longer under the rule of law, but instead under the rule of the whims of those in power, and the entire premise that undergirds our legal and electoral system is obliterated.

While there are a multitude of other occurrences from this past year which left me shaking my head and all this is without once mentioning that the GOP establishment has bungled things so badly in Washington, D.C. that their voters are turning to Donald Trump as their party's standard bearer, with conservative hero Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) hot on his heels. This must have the GOP establishment shaking their heads, but for me it is the only part of the year that makes sense and in fact seems inevitable.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.