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67 Republicans who opposed Omnibus were spot on right
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Speaker John Boehner passed the last government funding bill by appealing to Democrat votes in the House to offset the more than 25 percent of his Republican Conference which refused to support him. After the benefit of time to review some of the specifics of the so-called Cromnibus, the only surprise is that a majority of House Republicans voted for it.

Take the Environmental Protection Agency as an example. After years of railing against the EPA's attack on the American economy, failure to respond to Congressional inquiries, using fake email addresses to hide their activities and they like, the House voted to fund the Agency for the rest of the fiscal year with few constraints. Not only did they fund it, but they gave the EPA $200 million more than President Obama requested.

You read that right. Obama's environmental handmaidens who are single-handedly destroying coal production in America, and have announced a new set of regulatory attacks on other fuel sources during the Administration's last two years are receiving $8.1 billion in funding instead of the $7.9 billion requested.

Is there any wonder why President Obama has a new bounce in his step as he kicks wedding parties off of golf courses in Hawaii?

Not only did Republicans cave on protecting America from Obama's regulatory overreach, but just prior to the lame duck session, the President gambled that Speaker Boehner would not be willing to fight over amnesty and challenged him directly by announcing Executive Amnesty for approximately five million illegal aliens. Rather than responding forcefully as those who paid attention to the just passed election rhetoric might have expected, the timid uncoordinated opposition revealed stunning weakness out of the Speaker's office. Ultimately, the final bill funded all aspects of immigration laws with increases to those agencies responsible for caring for the illegal surge that was orchestrated in the late summer. As a concession, the bill only funded the Department of Homeland Security until late February - a complete and total victory for Obama and his program to fundamentally transform America.

When arguing in favor of the bill, President Obama crowed that it was a victory because it didn't touch his three major funding priorities: Executive Amnesty, his environmental policy and Obamacare.

Shortly after Congress lifted the threat of using the power of the purse against his policies by passing long-term government funding, Obama slapped them in the face by normalizing relations with Cuba in contravention of U.S. law.

The 67 House Republicans who voted against the lame duck government funding bill instead preferring a short-term Continuing Resolution covering the small part of the government that is not on automatic pilot have been vindicated. The president promises to continue executive action after executive action to impose his will, and absent a willingness to use the power of the purse, there is little the House can do to stop him.

The problem with getting positive reviews in the Washington Post for "governing" is that every time you do it, you move the country farther to the left. Obama is in legacy, not compromise, mode, and if the Republican majority helps him solidify the changes he has made to America over the objections of the people, they will be no less culpable for the sad outcome than those who actively supported them.

Now is the time to throw sand in the gears of Obama's regulatory machine using every means available before it grinds the free enterprise engine of our economy to a pulp.

Rick Manning is vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government.