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A conspiracy so vast? Really now
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Republicans have won the White House, the Congress, have the most governorships and the most state legislatures. In what area of the political playing field do Democrats have more of?

The answer is easy and it is conspiracy theories. They are awash in them.

Weeks ago the theory was that America voting mechanisms had been hacked and the election have been stolen by unknown but probably Russian saboteurs. Only a recount could solve this problem. Money was raised and some recounts were done.

The result: Nothing to see here.

Next came the Fake News nontroversy. This conspiracy theory postulated that Trump had won the election through the use of fake news on social media. Hillary even gave a speech on the subject. After 20 minutes of investigation by NPR, no less, it was learned that a preponderance of this fake news came from Hillary supporters trying to discredit Trump supporters.

Also left out of this theory is that the largest fake news story of the last few years is the, "Hands Up Don't Shoot," fake news propagated by the president, the Department of Justice and the legacy media that caused destruction of property and created an atmosphere where first responders lives are at risk as never before.

As this is being written the current conspiracy theory is the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Suddenly Democrats are sounding like the John Birchers of the 1960s with much less justification. They see Russians under every bed.

Since Trump ran on a platform of rebuilding America's military and a much more aggressive "America first" foreign policy it is only natural by Democrats' so-called thinking that Putin would do everything he could to elect him. Putin, they claim, would much prefer Trump over the bewildered lady with the misspelled toy reset button.

Allegedly the dastardly Putin leaked damaging information that destroyed Hillary's otherwise impeccable persona. NBC news now informs us that Putin took time out from running the largest country in the world to personally supervise the hacking. This means that the election was stolen by a foreign power and is therefore invalid.

Of course, the usual suspects in the media were pounding this tin drum as loudly as they could in what was an effort to confuse electors before the December 19 vote of the Electoral College. The effect? Again, nothing to see here! Trump got 304 of the 306 electors pledged to him. Ironically Clinton had more defections than Trump after no effort by Trump supporters to intimidate Clinton electors. In another irony Clinton's defeat in the vote came on the 18th anniversary of her husband being impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998.

In the face of all these fake news conspiracy theories what is the GOP to do? I would suggest we come up with our own conspiracy theories. It is easy to do. You just take two or three unrelated facts and connect the dots.

For example: The legacy media did its utmost to put its thumb on the scales in favor of Hillary during the campaign. The leader of the pack so to speak was the New York Times, the so-called paper of record that the networks and other leading legacy news outlets follow.

Who is the largest investor in the New York Times? Carlo Slim, Mexican billionaire.

According to my confidential sources in the intelligence community, Carlos Slim often acts at the behest of the Mexican government. And there you have it.

This entire election was manipulated by the Mexican government. All of Hillary's Electoral College votes should have been declared invalid once the electors had been briefed by me.

See how easy it is? All Republicans should get to work on this and come up with their own conspiracy theories. Then wait by the phone for a call from the former Harkin for President volunteer whose wife runs a Democrat mail house,Chuck Todd of Meet the Press. It will be a long wait.

Don Todd is the Director of Research of Americans for Limited Government.