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Americas battlefield is everywhere
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Is Afghanistan safer than America? The horrific murder of 49 people in Orlando this past weekend elevates our country to one of the worst battlefields in the world. ISIS has accomplished their goal of brainwashing and enlisting everyday American people into their hate army of radical Islam. One individual wreaked more death, wounds and destruction in a single mass shooting than ever before in American history. I don't want to mention the devil's name as he has already solidified his name in the Hall of Shame.

What happened in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning is another sickening shooting of innocent people who were out living their lives and enjoying American freedom. America is a place where we are allowed to freely pursue happiness. Americans pursue happiness in different ways. We are allowed to do just about anything we want if we are not breaking the law. Crazy, hate-filled people, like the man who pledged his soul to ISIS in a 911 call, are enraged by America's freedom and people who are happy. Happiness and joy are like water and fertilizer to people who are filled with hate. Hate mongers see people who are happy and they hate more. As in the Orlando shooter's case and other cases they contrive ways to totally annihilate joy, happiness and love. Haters don't know or understand joy and happiness and are resolved to eliminate it.

All of this hate is as old as the Bible. Cain resented and hated his brother Abel and murdered him. Joseph's brothers resented their younger brother and almost killed him but instead sold him into slavery. The story of the serpent talking to Eve in the Bible is nothing more than a story of hate. The serpent hated God's creation and the joy that Eve had in the Garden of Eden. The serpent wanted to destroy the happiness of God's creation. Looking back, I wish Eve had picked up a rock and killed that serpent. The serpent was allowed to live unfortunately for all.

Today we again go back to the gun debate. Should automatic weapons be outlawed? If they are ever outlawed there will be a wave of weapons available from Mexico. Black market automatic weapons will flood into this country just like drugs that roll into this country every day. Drug addicts in America get drugs. Bad guys will get weapons.

Essentially, the people at Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida were stripped of weapons. Approximately 300 people were in this night club and as far as I know no one had a weapon to defend them. The bad guy had a gun. The innocent people all mourn with Orlando and the 49 families devastated with grief. This one lone shooter shot over 100 people. All of these people and families will never emotionally get over this massive rampage.

We must eliminate ISIS. We cannot coddle, and embrace these people. We cannot coddle rattlesnakes and cobras. They will bite and the result is death. I do believe in a God of love and truly people do change. However, evil and the devil do not convert to good. Poisonous vipers do not convert to playful pets.

America is a scary battleground filled with hate-filled vipers. We must be on guard, diligent and eliminate the vipers.

Glenn Mollette is an syndicated columnist and author of 11 books and read in all 50 states. This column does not necessarily reflect the view of this paper.