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More examples of left-wing lunacy
Frank Aquila

President Trump began 2020 just as he ended 2019, taking out the number one terrorist in the world.  Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, was eliminated in 2019 and then Qasem Soleimani, who was responsible for the death of over 600 Americans and 1,500 amputee Americans, was taken out by President Trump in response to Soleimani’s coordinated attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. You would thought the left-wing loons would at least agree that killing these barbaric terrorists would be a good thing; but not the anti-American Democrats, whose talking points could have been mixed up with terrorist organizations. Democrats criticized the president and loons protested outside the White House. Even disgraced ex-NFL’d Colin Kaepernick called our military “terrorists”.  “Fake News” CNN military analysis, Major General James Marks ripped Democrats for the criticizing Soleimani strike. Seems the “Fake News” media also forgot that Soleimani was a terrorist, instead painting him as a scholarly grandfather.  Democrats and the “Fake News” media also ignored that President Obama ordered 542 drone strikes without congressional approval that killed 3,797 people, including 324 civilians; but freaked out that Trump was unapologetic for killing Soleimani.

While President Trump was signing a trade deal with China – which will benefit small businesses, manufacturers, farmers and create more jobs – Nancy Pelosi was handing out “ceremonial impeachment pens” when signing the Articles of Impeachment. Adam Schiff asked for a “fair trail” and Jerrod Nadler accused Republicans as “part of a cover up” when these two clowns ran the most partisan investigation in history claiming they had “overwhelming evidence.” They only babbled conspiracy theories admitting they need more evidence and witnesses while the Trump attorneys destroyed their partisan hit job with facts. 

The “I hate America” Democrats running for president continued to offer more promises of “free stuff” at the expense of taxpayers. Bernie Sanders, who is supported by organizers of climate change, stated he will not stop flying in private jets and Joe Biden promised sanctuary to all drunk driving illegal aliens, despite drunk driving being the number one killer on America’s roads.

Virginia has no problem giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants while they try to take guns away from private citizens. NBC news called the pro-Second Amendment event a “White Nationalist Rally.”

In Colorado, you can now get a new birth certificate to change your sexual identification without actually having the surgery to do so. They may be happy to know that there are transgender dolls now in stores with a doll appearing to look like a girl; but this doll has a penis.

In California, Democrats have tried to blame President Trump for the homeless crisis since half of the homeless people in America live in California. They are forgetting that homelessness is a local and state issue and must believe voters are entirely stupid to accept such rhetoric. As a matter of fact, with unemployment at a 50-year low and an all-time low for women and minorities, President Trump has done more to assist the working families of America while California endorses socialistic laws and sanctuary cities that cause poverty.

Governor Gavin Newsom pardoned 1342 prisoners “so ICE can’t deport them” and then expanded free healthcare to senior illegal aliens, while the taxpayer must pay. He must forget that having a “sanctuary state” creates homelessness.  

To combat homelessness in California, the city of Santa Rosa will actually evict (make families homeless) the tenants by forcing the sale of multiple units so they can be used for the homeless.

In Baltimore, the Democrat state attorney blamed police for an officer being kicked by bystanders as he attempted to arrest a suspect who spit in his face; but in New York, a man who punched an officer was released without bail as New York has changed their laws of releasing criminals. Therefore, I could not believe this myself that a man who robbed four banks was released with a citation to appear in court only to rob another bank.  Even the robber wonder what they were doing releasing him.

Also in New York, a 92-year-old woman was raped and murdered by an illegal alien since he was released by New York’s “sanctuary city” policy to avoid an ICE detainer. New York also released six drug dealers accused of running a $7 million fentanyl ring.  Seems areas controlled by Democrats have become a haven for criminals as Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker also pardoned 11,000 marijuana convictions.

The city of San Antonio spent $300,000 to keep Chick-fil-A out of their airport.

NBC News reported that transgender men, which happen to be mentally ill women, are experiencing “pain of menstruation.”

And we should end with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex stating that the Democrat Party is a “center or center-conservative” party and how there currently isn’t a “left” party in America and this is just some of the left-wing lunacy for January 2020.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at