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Biden & Democrats Report Card: One Year of Failure
Frank Aquila

On the one year anniversary of the Democrats and Biden Administration leading America, what are their grades on various issues?

Economy: F – The economy is bad and about to get worse.  Inflation is out of control while the Democrats’ solution is to throw more money into the economy, which would only cause inflation to go higher.  Food and gas are high.  There is a supply chain crisis causing shelves to be empty.  America is on the verge of going into a recession. The economy hasn’t added one single job from the 2019 high-water mark with Economist Nela Richardson stating, “We’re not yet producing new jobs.”

Foreign Policy: F – Afghanistan debacle. Americans and military equipment left behind.  North Korea is firing missiles again. China is on the verge of claiming Taiwan while Russia is at the footstep of Ukraine.  America looks weak and other nations have no fear.

Border Security: F –There are 2 million more illegal aliens in America while the drug cartels control drugs/human trafficking across the border. More Americans died from fentanyl overdoses in 2021 than from COVID-19. These illegal aliens are not tested for COVID or mandated to take a vaccine while Americans are.

COVID-19: F – More Americans died from COVID in 2021 than in 2020 with Biden and Democrats firing unvaccinated health care workers only to create a crisis of unfilled positions, untreated patients, and closed hospital wings while admitting to be unprepared for Omicron COVID variant. Twice as many service members have died from suicide in 3 months than from Covid since 2020.

Homelessness: F –While there are 2 million more illegal aliens in America, there are more homeless Americans with Democrats more interested in assisting illegal aliens than Americans.

Energy: F – One of the first acts Biden did was shut down the energy pipelines while waiving sanctions on Russia’s oil pipeline. Americans lost jobs and instead of America being energy independent, we are now dependent on OPEC, who controls the oil prices.  Gas prices have doubled in one year.

Crime: F – “Defund the Police” resulted in a 55 percent increase in officers killed in 2021 compared to 2020 as 458 officers were killed.  Despite the record number of officers killed, Biden and the Democrats want to make law enforcement more difficult, placing policies that put more officers in danger and blame officers rather than the criminal. “Smash and grab” has become the new thing in Democrats controlled areas.  The top 16 cities in the nation with the highest homicide rates were cities run by Democrats.  Democrats are allowing criminals (even murderers) out on bail reform to commit more crimes against more Americans while Democrats allowed murderers, terrorists, and sex traffickers in prison received stimulus checks.

Transportation: F – Flight cancellations and long airport lines. Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg calls roads and bridges racist.

Women’s Rights: F – Men competing in beauty pageants, girls’ sports; taking away women’s scholarships. Men allowed in girls’ restrooms, showers, shelters, prisons placing a threat to women.

Educations: F – Children  are being taught the racist Critical Race Theory and Gender Confusion while many school in Democrat run areas are forcing children to mask or not be in class at all while night clubs are open and sports arenas’ are packed. Parents were being told they have no say in their child’s education while a letter by Biden’s Education Secretary demanded to use  domestic terrorism laws to target parents concerned about the indoctrination of their children through school.

On every issue, Biden and the Democrats have failed America and all Americans.  As for me, I miss cheap gas, common sense, and mean tweets.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He can be emails at