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Biden’s faux State of the Union Address: what he said and what I heard
Catherine Mortensen
Catherine Mortensen

President Biden’s awkward faux State of the Union address will go down in history as the moment the Democrat Party fully embraced socialism. Biden couched his radical agenda in language meant to sooth and appease. He is counting on Americans not paying close attention to what he is saying. But here at Americans for Limited Government, as a public service to those of you who cannot stomach to watch the old man, we’re paying close attention to everything he says and does. Here is what Biden said last night, and here is what right thinking Americans heard.

What he said: Tonight, I come to talk about crisis and opportunity, about rebuilding the nation, revitalizing our democracy, and winning the future for America.

What I heard: Tonight, I come here to talk about exploiting a global pandemic to destroy the nation, undermine our democracy and winning future elections for my party.

What he said: [The Jan. 6 Capitol breach was] the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

What I heard: I am an idiot who doesn’t remember Pearl Harbor or the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I am going to continue exploiting Jan. 6 throughout this speech because it justifies unleashing the full power of government against my political opponents.

What he said: When I was sworn in on Jan. 20, less than one percent of the seniors in America were fully vaccinated against COVID-19. One hundred days later, 70 percent of seniors in America over 65 are protected — fully protected.

What I heard: Thanks to President Trump’s tremendous leadership and Operation Warp Speed, today, 70 percent of seniors in America over 65 are protected — fully protected. Yet they still must wear masks because Dr. Fauci says so.

What he said: We kept our commitment — Democrats and Republicans — of sending $1,400 rescue checks to 85 percent of American households. We’ve already sent more than 160 million checks out the door.

What I heard: I am literally using your money to buy your vote in the next election. I want to normalize government handouts for everyone and make you dependent on government largesse. I wanted to sign a check too.  The Orange Man doesn’t get to have all the fun of playing Santa.

What he said:  I…inherited a nation — we all did — that was in crisis.  The worst pandemic in a century.  The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

What I heard: I am one lucky SOB, Trump took the brunt of the crisis had to make all the tough decisions and led our nation to a robust recovery so I can claim credit for Trump’s successful leadership.

What he said: [T]he economy created more than 1.3 million new jobs in 100 days than any President on record.

What I heard: Thank you, President Trump. Your pro-growth energy and regulatory policies, combined with your 2017 tax cut are continuing to create economic opportunities and wealth for America.

What he said: This shouldn’t be a red or blue issue. And no amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

What I heard: I will interpret the Bill of Rights as I see fit to further my political agenda.

What he said: That’s why I proposed the American Jobs Plan — a once-in-a-generation investment in America itself. This is the largest jobs plan since World War II. It creates jobs to upgrade our transportation infrastructure; jobs modernizing our roads, bridges, highways; jobs building ports and airports, rail corridors, transit lines.

What I heard: That’s why proposed the American Jobs Plan – just like my so-called COVID bill that spent less than nine percent to defeat the virus, my so-called infrastructure plan spends less than six percent to repair bridges, highways, and roads. The rest is a ‘kitchen sink’ of wasteful progressive demands, payoffs for labor unions and radical environmentalists.

What he said: I just want to be clear: From my perspective, doing nothing is not an option.

What I heard: I just want to be clear: I have been in Washington for nearly a half-century, and done nothing.

What he said: That’s why my American Families Plan guarantees four additional years of public education for every person in America, starting as early as we can.

What I heard: That is why my American Families Plan guarantees everyone can get free college education which will be a low-quality, lame experience similar to what our public school children have experienced this past year.

What he said: We’re going to get rid of the loopholes that allow Americans who make more than a $1 million a year and pay a lower tax rate on their capital gains than Americans who receive a paycheck. We’re only going to affect three-tenths of one percent of all Americans by that action.

What I heard: We’re going to get rid of loopholes for rich people, and by rich people, I mean the middle class because everyone knows that’s where the real money is. Going after the top one percent is just our starting point. We’ll eventually reach into everyone’s pocket.

What he said: The United States accounts, as all of you know, for less than 15 percent of carbon emissions. The rest of the world accounts for 85 percent. That’s why I kept my commitment to rejoin the Paris Accord — because if we do everything perfectly, it’s not going to ultimately matter.

What I heard: I’ll be honest with you. The Paris Accord is a joke. I’m just going along with it because that’s what they tell me to do. I am a clueless idiot who does what I’m told.

What he said: My fellow Americans, we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve, to root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system, and to enact police reform in George Floyd’s name that passed the House already.

What I heard: My fellow Americans, except for racist white folks and racist cops, lawless thugs need to be able to sue the pants off every cop in this country. Ultimately, the goal is to disarm out police and equip them with night sticks like the British bobbies, that is if we have any police force, at all.

What he said:  Parents see the smiles on their kids’ faces, for those who are able to go back to school because the teachers and school bus drivers and cafeteria workers have been vaccinated.

What I heard: Thank you President Trump for having the guts to take on the teachers unions who still hold some parent’s hostage as they refuse to allow in-person learning.

What he said: The American Jobs Plan will create jobs that will lay thousands of miles of transmission lines needed to build a resilient and fully clean grid.

What I heard: We are going to put our nation at the mercy of wind and solar energy which always fail in bad weather, while ending nuclear, coal and natural gas power plants that are overwhelmingly more reliable.

When he said: When this nation made 12 years of public education universal in the last century, it made us the best-educated, best-prepared nation in the world. It’s, I believe, the overwhelming reason that propelled us to where we got in the 21st — in the 20th century.

What I heard: If you like the destruction of the American mind over the past 40 years, you will love my education plan, where we push young people into government indoctrination centers earlier and keep them longer.  We cannot allow anyone to retain any values not approved by the state directorate of correct thinking.

Stay alert! Biden is the master of bait and switch. He says one thing and then does another!

Catherine Mortensen is vice president of Americans for Limited Government.