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Classified document stink piles
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

An Old Testament story records an overwhelming infestation of frogs throughout Egypt. There was no place in Egypt where frogs were not present in large numbers. The plague was sent in response to Pharoah’s attitude toward the Israelite people who lived in slavery under his rule. When God ended the plague there were piles of dead frogs all over Egypt. In the streets, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, storage facilities, and places we can only imagine. It became a very stinky situation as they raked up the dead frogs and piled them up all over Egypt. 

The Classified Document saga seems to be growing in similar fashion to the dead frogs of Egypt. They appear to be everywhere and they stink. The odor has to be particularly bad for Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden as well as Vice President Mike Pence. 

First came the big raid of Trump’s home in Florida. Late at night, FBI agents went through his home and personal items and carried out boxes of documents.

Next, we hear that Biden has had classified documents in his home for years. They seem to be scattered everywhere throughout his house.

Then, Mike Pence in Indiana has more classified documents. What are these men doing with these documents?

I used to keep a big box of comic books when I was a kid. I would read a comic and then put it in the box. Sometimes I would read them again. I definitely knew that I had them. Why would past administrations hold on to classified documents? How did they get to the locations where they were found?

The National Archives has asked all the former presidents to check for classified documents. Jimmy Carter? Where would he have them, in his family Bible? Mixed in with old Sunday school lessons that he has taught at the local Baptist Church? I don’t think so but you never know who might have picked them up, packed them in a box, and placed them on a shelf in his garage. What about George W. Bush? Could documents be under the seat of his old truck? Bill Clinton has emphatically stated he does not have any classified documents but he has made emphatic statements before. These former presidents have said they do not have such documents. 

Where is White House security when it comes to classified documents?

Only time will tell and we may never know for sure about the plethora of classified documents. We hope they aren’t reading some of them in China or Russia. Who can say for sure where they are not being read? We do not know for sure whether or not someone else has them. Could another family member have a box or two somewhere? How much money would China, Russia or others pay for classified documents? 

Democrats and Republicans will point fingers and scream about all this in the next election. Both sides will try to make the other side look worse but it appears there is plenty of stink everywhere.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is an author and his column is published in over 600 publications in all 50 states.