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Democrat policies have endangered children for years
Frank Aquila
Frank Aquila

Since 1997, the Flores Settlement Decree required a separation of illegal immigrant children to be housed away from adults during detention. No Democrat accused President Clinton, Bush, or Obama of separating children from their family. So why all of a sudden do the fake tears and outrage come from Democrats? It is about creating an image to swing sentiment in their direction to gain votes using what is now known as fake photos by the media from six years ago during the Obama era or most recently, Time magazine showing a crying Honduras girl looking up at President Trump, which the father admitted she was never taken away from the family.

When President Trump signed an executive order to allow the families to stay together, the Democrats still objected. Why? Because these children are political pawns toward a future voting bloc for the Democrat party. The end game for Democrats is to create an issue to force illegal immigrants out of detention facilities and create open borders for more future Democrat voters.

It is the policies of Democrats that created the same issues they complain of.  When Obama announced he would stop deporting those who came to America under 16 and forced policies of “catch and release” and government incentives, illegal border crossings increased by 315 percent. These Democrat policies actually endangered children as some children were dragged miles on the dangerous journey. According to the Huffington Post, 80 percent of women and young girls were raped crossing the border while others are prostituted in human trafficking. Young boys were forced to carry out duties for drug cartels or join MS 13. Of the approximately 12,000 minors currently in the holding facilities, about 10,000 were minors who were unaccompanied. Other children were with an adult who posed a threat to the minor. Other children, who are released, disappear with no accountability of knowing where they are or who is caring for them.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, half of the federal crimes occur on the border including drugs, sexual assaults, kidnapping, and murder by illegal aliens. A total of 7,085 (38 percent) of the 18,643 murder convictions in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New York between 2008 and 2014 were by illegal aliens. Another 4,745 Americans are killed yearly by a drunk driver (13 per day) by an illegal alien. And 20 Americans are killed each day by an unlicensed illegal alien. How many more American children lost a parent? According to the Washington Times, nearly 3,000 illegal immigrant sexual offenders were released yearly under Obama, which nearly half were against children.

The Democrats act like they care about the children but they only care about creating the perception for the votes. They put illegal aliens over Americans. For every illegal alien minor separated from their parent, there are 1,400 American minors who have a parent in prison. When American adults get arrested, we don’t have policies to have children stay in prison with a parent for obvious reasons. There are also approximately 700,000 foster children in America who do not have a parent. The Democrat Party also champions 4,000 American babies that are aborted each day. How many other children are separated from those who serve in our military? There are another 13 million American children who live in conditions below the poverty line. Yet, those illegal children in American custody receive education, hygiene, healthcare, dental, nutrition, safety, and activities during their stay. The Democrats can cry fake tears for children here illegally; but there are many American who should be a priority.

Those that illegally came to America broke laws and it is President Trump’s constitutional duty and obligation to uphold the laws. With his compassion, he signed an executive order providing extra ordinary privileges to those children to stay with their law breaking parent. Even that is not good enough for the Democrats because it is about votes and not the children. In effect, it is the Democrat policies that are endangering both Americans and immigrant children.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at