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Democrats are working overtime to cancel culture
Frank Aquila

Democrats and their surrogates have an agenda to reeducate America to think like them and anyone standing in opposition will be labeled, punished, or cancelled. Just recently Dr. Seuss and Speedy Gonzalez were cancelled for “racial undertones” and Pepe Le Pew, a French skunk, is “too touchy-feely,” forcefully hugging and kissing a female cartoon cat that “normalizes rape culture.” The Muppets, Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Dumbo and others have had “offensive content” labels placed on their films. Bugs Bunny is considered too violent. Many other movies, cartoons, and books have been censored, edited or canceled all together.

When the Democrats regained power in 2021, “cancel culture” expanded. One of the first acts was to repeal the 1776 commission promoting “patriotic education,” to teach children about the great parts of American history.  Democrats replaced it with the 1619 agenda, which is the year it is suspected 20 slaves came to America, therefore to teach how America is a racist country. President Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and others had schools renamed and statues torn down to cancel the culture. Particularly interesting is that Lincoln, who was assassinated for abolishing slavery, was under attack and removed. One thought is Democrats would not want to explain that Lincoln, a Republican fought against Democrats who wanted to keep Black America enslaved. Therefore, Democrats rewrote history or canceled based on nonexistence. Even black entrepreneurs of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Bens had to re-label their product under another name. An effort to protest or cancel our National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance has picked up steam under Democrat control, calling America and the flag racist.

The “canceled culture” has reared its head into gender, where Democrats have eliminated words like “father, mother, son, and daughter.” Democrats have also targeted the removal of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. California Democrats will now fine stores $1,000 per day if “boy and girl” toys or clothing are separated. Mr. Potato Head is now transgender. Congress also ended legislation with a prayer ending in “Amen and Awoman” as if prayer has to do with gender. 

The real target of “cancel culture” is God, the church and the Bible. Democrats removed God from their party platform in 2012 and believe their power is in government control. Christianity is the biggest threat to Communist Democrats since their dependence is on God, not government. Therefore removing the dependence of God is essential. Karl Marx, the father of Communism stated, “My objective is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”

Since Christmas is a Christian holiday, Democrats began to stop referencing Christmas in 2006. Christmas trees were referred as “holiday trees.” The “cancel culture” went after Charlie Brown’s Christmas for referencing Jesus. Some liberal communities banned Christmas lights in the name of “climate change.” The song, “White Christmas” was labeled racist even though it is about snow. Red poinsettias were banned as a “Christian symbol.” Candy Canes were banned in liberal schools because the shape was a “J” as if for Jesus. One school even disciplined a child for giving another child a pencil as a gift that said, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” which is legal – for now.

To use “cancel culture” against the Bible, the Democrats must control what preachers preach. During the coronavirus pandemic, preachers were deemed nonessential by Democrats for vaccines. One judge ruled a strip club could open; but not the church. In order for the Democrats to use “cancel culture” on the Bible, the Democrats must stifle what is preached. Democrats have pushed the “Equality Act” as their ultimate means to force the church to accept homosexuality and gay marriage and even accepting a transgender for employment. Any preaching otherwise would be considered “hate speech” subjecting the church to lose their tax exemption status. The mayor of Houston once required preachers to submit their sermons for review before preaching. This is what is done in Communist regimes.

To achieve their goal of “cancel culture” is to silence the opposition. Already Democrats have approached cable providers to cancel Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax. Democrat surrogates like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have used their influence to silence or cancel anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideology. Democrats are pushing “For the People Act of 2021” for voting reform which reduces voting standards with no identification requirements or signature verification and requires donor disclosure, which is a way to use “cancel culture” on those who support Republicans. Already, the “cancel culture” has targeted supporters like My Pillow, Goya Foods, and advertisers of conservatives with liberal groups like Media Matters pressuring sponsors to drop support. 

Ultimately what the Democrats don’t get through the “cancel culture,” changing election laws, and influence and pressure through their surrogates, they will use by changing senate rules by eliminating the filibuster and packing the courts with like-minded opinions to create ultimate control to force Americans to agree or be reeducated into a culture dictated by Democrats. At that point, all opposing views will be canceled by only one view of Democrat control.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and and may be emailed at or on MAGABook @FrankAquila