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Democrats call ‘white Christian nationalists a national security threat’

A Democrat Political Action Committee advising Joe Biden and his transition team calls “white Christian nationalists” a threat to national security and recommends the federal government create “de-radicalization” programs. The Secular Democrats of America PAC prepared a report for Biden that outlines a roadmap to “boldly restore a vision of constitutional secularism.”

“The rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat,” read the document. “We recommend you: encourage the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to dedicate resources to de-radicalization programs aimed at hate groups, including, but not limited to, white nationalists; increase monitoring of such groups, including the online environment, and take action to address increased hate crimes toward minority faith communities; and shift rhetoric to label violent white nationalist extremists as terrorists.”

Pastor Brian Gibson of Amarillo, Texas says these tactics are classic Marxism where “you project what you are doing onto those who don’t have your values – it has been done again and again throughout history with every Marxist-driven regime in the word.”

Gibson takes offense at the characterization of himself and many of his fellow Christians. “It is racist and bigoted and then to call us ‘nationalists’ is outrageous. We are talking about people who love their country. And for that we are a threat? I think it reveals who the bigots really are and who the security threats really are.”

Gibson, who is an outspoken advocate for religious freedom, questions why the document doesn’t target Antifa or radical BLM members? He said his life has been threatened by those groups more than once in the past year.

“As a patriotic Christian, you absolutely have a target on your back,” Gibson said.

So, what can we do?

“We stop being afraid and we trust god,” Gibson said. “It’s a time for prayer, but it’s also a time for action.” He called on church leaders to rise up and push back on the madness of the radical Left.

“Obviously, I am a peaceful man,” Gibson said. “I follow the Prince of Peace. But I don’t think we can just lay down all of our rights and let them run rough shod over us.”

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Rick Manning echoes Gibson’s views. “This is a defining moment in America. We must choose a side. Either you support religious liberty or you support secularism. Either you support the free markets, or you support socialism. Either you support law-and-order or you support chaos and anarchy.”

Manning encourages all patriots to stay engaged. “We must fight on to save our country,” Manning said. “We cannot get discouraged and let the other side win.”

Gibson said he gets frustrating when he sees uninformed social media posts by “twenty-years who don’t understand Christian theology or American history who cry, ‘Oh, the merger of Christianity and nationalism, that’s terrible. Or loving your nation, you can’t be like that.’  I want to remind them that there is no sin loving Jesus and loving your nation. They are two separate things. Jesus is my Savior, but I still love my country. It is not a sin to love your country.”

As for the “de-radicalization programs” the Biden transition team is considering, it is likely a new administration would use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube to get their government propaganda messages out.

“That’s why it’s so important for patriots to move to politically neutral social media sites such as Parler and Rumble,” Manning added. “I fear a Biden administration will collude with Big Tech to censor Christians and conservatives.”

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.